Days Of Our Lives’ 8 Worst Characters Of All Time

The larger-than-life characters of Days of Our Lives (DOOL) truly make the show. They fall in love, go on adventures, get lost on islands, scheme, and do scandalous things. There have been some incredible characters to grace Salem over the years – Patch, Bo, Kayla, Hope, Stephano DiMera, and Jenn Horton … just to name a few. An incredible character can be a hero/heroine, villain, schemer, cop, or criminal; they just have to have a strong personality. However, while there have been some great personas that have been on DOOL over the years, some have been epic fails as well. Below is a list of eight of the worst DOOL characters of all time.

8. Claire Brady

You would think the offspring of super couple Belle and Shawn Brady would be a heroine in her own right. It could be her age or her debbie downer attitude, but Claire has to be one of the worst characters on the soap opera right now. As a child, she was cute, but once she fell victim to Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome (SORAS) in 2015, everything went downhill for this character.


7. Nick Fallon

Part of the Horton clan, Nick Fallon returned to Salem in 2006. From the get-go, Nick seemed like that weird guy you wanted to date because he was so “nice,” but no one ever really did go through with it. Nick started off creepy then turned nice, went crazy, then decent and is now considered dangerous, but did any DOOL fans ever take him seriously when he became tough and aggressive on the show?


6. Stephanie Johnson

Stephanie was a character who was SORASed as well, and in 2007 returned to Salem as an adult. As her mother and father, super couple Patch and Kayla were solving mysteries and chasing adventures at her age, Stephanie was just a lame character that was into race car driving and pulling off schemes to cause chaos in the little town. Many DOOL fans expected Stephanie to do bigger things, or at least have an honest character like her parents, but she was an epic disappointment.


5. Ben Rogers

Ben Rogers was one of those soap opera characters who seemingly always walked that fine line between good and evil. His love for his sister Jordan was endearing, but the fact that he dabbled in illegal activities here and there made him seem more like his awful convict father, Clyde, which made his dangerous turn into the Salem Necktie Killer so confusing. It seemed like one moment he was a good guy who wanted to protect his Jordan and give Abigail a good life, and the next he was axing off a good part of Salem’s most beloved characters.

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4. Serena Mason

Speaking of, Serena Mason had a short tenure in Salem, but that may have been a good thing for most DOOL fans. She strolled into town in 2014 and was axed by Ben (a.k.a Salem’s Necktie Killer) in 2015. Her character didn’t have depth or any real roots in the little town, plus she was more than a little annoying to many DOOL viewers.

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3. Mimi Lockhart

Mimi Lockhart was part of Salem’s teen scene in the late ‘90s, but as the years progressed and others seemingly grew up and moved on, she couldn’t shake that image of the scheming teen who never learned from her mistakes. She was a good DOOL character, but when push came to shove, she would always make the wrong choice and go along with a plot to ruin someone’s life or keep a secret.


2. Will Horton

The character of Will Horton from 2010 to 2014 was phenomenal and ground-breaking as played by Chandler Massey. On the other hand, while Will Horton was portrayed by Guy Wilson (2014 to 2015) he was boring and, overall, a disappointment. It is never easy to step into a recast, but nothing tops Massey as Will and the Horton character was negatively affected when Wilson stepped in.


1. Cassie Brady

Not sure if it was her storyline or how she entered Salem, but the Cassie Brady character was simply terrible. Cassie came to DOOL in 2002 along with her twin brother Rex and, at first, everyone thought they were aliens. Then it came to be that they were the offspring of Marlena Evans and Stefano DiMera, but when the plot thickened, it turned out they were Kate Roberts and Roman Brady’s kids. Regardless, the character and her brother didn’t last long on the show and exited Salem in 2005.

Dorathy Gass

Dorathy Gass

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