Days Of Our Lives’ 7 Worst Love Triangles

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5. Philip, Melanie, and Stephanie

Many moons ago when Philip Kiriakis was running Titan, he hired Melanie Jonas as his executive assistant and Stephanie Johnson as an intern. Both ladies were very interested in Philip and it seemed that Steph initially won the battle for his heart when the two began dating. Melanie played the schemer and tried to break them up, but failed miserably. There was no real pull to the love triangle at the time as Stephanie and Philip didn’t seem like the right fit to begin with. They would eventually break up thanks to Philip’s obsession with the Kiriakis business. Once they were through, Philip moved on to Melanie.

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4. Jack, Jenn, and Eve

Jack and Jennifer were Salem’s super couple in the 1990s, but still had their fair share of struggles when it came to walking down that wedding aisle. While Jenn was dealing with Lawrence Alamain raping her, she pushed Jack away as he tried to plan their wedding. Along came Eve Donovan with a proposal that would land Jack his beloved Spectator magazine back. Eve and Jack weren’t in love or even attracted to each other, but they did get married and pretended to be together for mutually beneficial purposes. The love triangle wasn’t the typical story of one person who was torn between the love for two. Good news was that Jenn and Jack did reconcile and eventually get married (for the first time).

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