Days Of Our Lives’ 7 Worst Love Triangles

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Soap opera love stories are great — it’s the reason why most fans tune into their favorite daytime dramas. As much as audiences love soap super couples, there’s nothing like adding a third party into the mix to create some conflict. There have been many love triangles to grace the screens of Days of Our Lives (DOOL) over the years. Some have been epic, and others have been epic fails. Below is a list of seven of the worst DOOL love triangles.

7. Adrienne, Lucas, and Justin

Most fans have been more interested Adrienne’s breast cancer storyline and Bonnie parading around as her recently than what has been going on between these three. Maybe it’s because at the end of the day (no pun intended), Adrienne and Lucas lacked chemistry. We all know she belongs with Justin.

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6. Chloe, Lucas, and Daniel

Poor Lucas Roberts hits this worst love triangle list again! Will he ever find a woman all to his own? In 2008, he and Chloe Lane had a nice little relationship. His kids Will and Ali adored her, and it seemed like everything was moving forward nicely for the couple — that is until Chloe began having eyes for the handsome new doctor that strolled into town, Daniel Jonas. Despite having an affair with Jonas, Chloe still married Lucas out of guilt which only dragged the storyline out even longer. She ended up choosing Daniel in the end, but the love triangle lacked any depth or drama.

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