Days Of Our Lives Stunning Character Transformations

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There are a handful of larger-than-life characters that rule the roost in Salem. There are heroes and heroines, schemers, manipulators, and those fighting for justice. The lines of good and evil can always get blurred in daytime drama, and over the years many Days of Our Lives (DOOL) characters have gone through some serious and surprising evolutions. As such, below is an overview of the seven stunning character transformations on DOOL.

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7. Steve Johnson

One of the biggest leading men on DOOL currently, Steve Johnson, has endured a stunning transition over the years. Once a thug employed under the likes of evil-doers Victor Kiriakis and Harper Deveraux, Steve had no problem doing dastardly deeds and getting a hefty pay day for them. That all changed when he met girl next door, Kayla Brady. Steve slowly transformed from zero to hero to win over her heart, and almost thirty years later (despite their ups and downs) he continues to evolve in hopes that he can prove to her that he is a good man worthy of her love.

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6. Jack Deveraux

Much like his older brother Steve, Jack wasn’t always the quirky and quick-witted character DOOL fans have grown to love. In fact, when he first entered the soap he was a slimy, pompous, spoiled rich kid, that ended up assaulting Kayla Brady while the two were married. During this time, Jack continued his dastardly ways, making it hard for Kayla to divorce him (so she could be with Steve) and would even end up hiring a hit man to beat Steve up. Alas, Jack began his long and slow journey to hero status, once he distanced himself from his adoptive family and began getting closer to his biological family. Once Jack met Jennifer, all bets were off and this zero blasted on to full-blown hero in time. So much so that in 2012 when he appeared to meet his demise during an elevator accident, it was all in a heroic effort to save his daughter Abigail.

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5. Nick Fallon

A member of the Horton clan, Nick Fallon landed on the Salem scene in late 2006. He arrived as a sweet, caring, shy, and compassionate young man, looking to woo Chelsea Brady. He would go out of his way to help her in the hopes that she would fall in love with him. He ended up giving her money to assist her family, risked his career so she could avoid being a suspect in an arson case, and saved her from being assaulted. Alas, sweet Nick turned into creepy stalker Nick in no time and was sent to jail early 2009 thanks to his weird obsession he had with Melanie Jonas. When he was released from prison in 2012, the creepiness faded a tad, but an even more dangerous and powerful Nick emerged, one that blackmailed people, manipulated, lied and schemed to get his way. Alas, he was shot (three times no less) in 2014 and thanks to his scheming ways his murder turned into a who dunnit storyline, where Gabi Hernandez ended up being the shooter.

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4. Kate Roberts

She’s always been from the wrong side of town, partaking in an affair with Bill Horton back in the late ‘70s, was an abused wife to alcoholic Curtis Reed, and became a prostitute for Stefano DiMera during her early years in Salem. However, Kate Roberts has certainly moved up in the rankings of this little town, once living in the lower class and now living it up in high society. Soap operas can turn cops into doctors and super spies in to corporate tycoons, and the story around the evolution of Kate Roberts is no different. While she was simply an anesthesiologist when she first entered DOOL, she is now a force to be reckoned with in the corporate world and a very successful and wealthy business woman. Her relationship with Victor Kiriakis bore him a son, and as such, she will forever be linked to that high profile family. Her marriage to Stefano also connects her to the ever-powerful DiMera clan. Once a victim, Kate is now certainly not someone that you would want to cross. She really fears no one and is a force to be reckoned with in Salem.

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3. Nicole Walker

When Nicole first entered Salem in 1998, she was a gold-digger looking to land a wealthy husband. So much so, she dumped poor Eric Brady (a decent man who actually loved her) for the almighty dollar. Over the years, Nicole made a stunning transformation and this could be due to all the terrible things that she’s endured (and come to terms with) over her life. Perhaps it also has a little to do with her love affair with Dr. Daniel Jonas, one that most certainly helped turn Nicole into a heroine, one who now cares more about love than money.

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2. EJ DiMera

Sami Brady had many a leading man in her day, but none that stole her heart quite like EJ DiMera. The only problem with EJ was that he was a DiMera, and the troublemaking apple had not fallen far from the tree in that family. EJ blackmailed Sami into sleeping with him, conducted corrupt business dealings over the years alongside his father Stefano, and had many affairs on other women (and Sami) while in Salem. In the past, he’s held zero remorse for any of his dastardly actions, but fans saw a switch in EJ. Perhaps it was his love for Sami that helped him turn a new leaf, since EJ stood by Sami as their love transformed into super-couple status. Before his “passing” in 2014, EJ was able to reconcile with Sami and cut all ties with Stefano, furthering his hero status on DOOL.

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1. Sami Brady

Speaking of Sami, she was once a teenager who sold her baby sister on the black market, schemed to break up her sister and boyfriend’s relationship, and blackmailed her mom. Today, Sami Brady has evolved into a powerful business woman that has also turned out to become one of Salem’s top heroines. The transformation took some time, but who would have thought that the same young lady that drugged up Austin Reed to sleep with him and went to such great lengths to win him over, would now be one of the show’s leading ladies (that is missed tremendously by fans). While she has changed when it comes to some moral dilemmas, one thing hasn’t changed — she is that character that will do and say anything to protect her children and family. Still, that is perhaps the biggest change in the Sami Brady character over time. She was once a young woman who hated the Bradys, Blacks, and her mom – however, she is now a woman that would move mountains for anyone in her blended family.

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