Days Of Our Lives’ 7 Greatest BFFs

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5. Melanie Jonas and Arianna Hernandez

These two were pretty solid besties before Ari’s death in 2010. Arianna was one of Melanie’s bridesmaids when she married Phillip and the two were all around tight. After Ari passed away and her brother Dario strolled into town to investigate her murder, Melanie also used some of her Kiriakis’ divorce settlement cash as a reward to find who was at the root of her friend’s death. If that doesn’t scream BFF, we’re not sure what would.



4. Abe Carver and Roman Brady

A relationship that spans decades, these two have a friendship built on trust and loyalty. Back in the day, as partners in Salem’s police department they fought for justice and getting the bad guy. Despite time and John Black mistakenly posing as Roman for some years there, these two have remained BFFs over the years and it seems their relationship just gets stronger and stronger.