7 Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (June 11)


What will this week bring in Salem? A shocking deal, a surprising rescue, and plenty of drama. Learn more about what will happen to Eve, Brady, Theresa (and how Victor gets involved), as well as Ciara, Ben, and Will, in the Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers for the week of June 11th.

7. Claws Come Out

Victor will be placed into the mix of the Theresa/Eve/Brady love triangle saga, as Theresa approaches him for help. She drops a bombshell this week, stating she believes that she should run Bella Magazine now that she is back. In fact, once Eve blows her lid at the very thought of her little sister swooping in and trying to step into the role, Theresa will place a proposal on the table to calm Eve down.

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6. Brady or Bella?

When Eve gives Theresa plenty of pushback about running Bella again, Theresa will tell her that she’ll step aside if Eve gives her what she really wants: Brady. To boot, Brady will also be given the role of Titan CEO if he takes Theresa back. Interesting deal; however, Eve throws out a move that will not only be shocking, but it’ll squash Theresa’s plan!

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5. Ciara Wakes Up

After crashing her motorcycle and lying on the side of the road unconscious, Ciara will wake up and freak out. She completely loses her mind when she realizes she is in a cabin, in the middle of nowhere, with Ben Weston. With her leg broken, she won’t be able to escape, but the good news is that she really won’t have to. Ben’s a changed man, and he will end up taking care of her this week.

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4. Hope’s Realization

Meanwhile, Hope comes to realize that Ciara is missing and grows concerned. On the other side of town, Tripp and Claire begin to feel quite guilty about what they did to hurt Ciara. Hope and Tripp come together and decide to try and find her. Hope will find a huge lead around her daughter’s whereabouts as the week progresses.

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3. Will Takes The Plunge

While its risky on so many different levels, Will makes the choice to move forward with Dr. Rolf’s new procedure to get his memory back. He’ll get the injection this week by grandma Marlena, and DOOL spoilers indicate that, while Paul is nervous about what this might do to Will’s health, he’s also concerned about what Will may do after he regains his memories.

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2. Will And Sonny

But how long will it take for the serum to kick it? Might not be as long as some DOOL fans may think. The Days’ preview video for this week indicates that Will and Sonny share a tender moment within the next five days as poor Paul watches on. What Will remembers, or to what extent is unknown, but fans of WilSon will want to tune in this week.

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1. More Spoilers!

Xander approaches Victor stating he wants the Titan CEO position. As the week progresses, Xander will also fall upon a huge secret. Kayla follows Stefan’s order and spies on Kate, and sees an interesting exchange. Jenn is not happy that Theresa has moved in with JJ, and interestingly enough, Lani asks JJ this week if there is a chance for them to get back together. Speaking of Lani, she and Valerie bond over the unborn baby.

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