7 Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (December 7)

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As Salem heads into the holiday season, drama continues to dominate the daytime soap. Wonder what will happen this week? Check out the spoilers for Days of Our Lives (DOOL) below, for the week of December 7th.

7. Abigail and Chad Get Rescued…But The Baby?

The good news is that authorities will find Abigail and Chad this week. It’s revealed that Ben is the real necktie killer and he is found and hauled off to jail this week. But he’s caught without Abigail’s baby (not-so-good news). It seems Ben has hidden the baby somewhere undisclosed. Ben does tell authorities where the baby is, but is it the truth? Will the police find the little one before it is too late?

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6. Theo’s Text

Theo gets a disturbing text this week, from a mysterious sender. The text turns out to be a threatening one, leaving everyone wondering if the youth is in danger.

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5. The Kiriakis Family Reunites

Philip returns with something up his sleeve. Brady is skeptical about Philip’s intentions and confides to Teresa about this. Meanwhile Brady and Victor’s relationship continues on a downward slope because Brady has chosen to be with Teresa.

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4. Hope Finds Some Answer

Hope strikes up a deal with Dr. Malcolm to get the answers she is looking for. In exchange for information, the doctor asks for a large sum of cash. Hope agrees to this and is floored when she hears the truth about Bo’s captivity.

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3. John’s Search

As John Black continues to look into his past, he places Eduardo in the hot seat and drills him on his experiences at the Winterthrone Academy. Unfortunately, Eduardo is clearly hiding something and doesn’t exactly reveal all. Eduardo gets an opportunity to share some time with Kate.

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2. Ava Continues to Plot

Kayla and Steve talk about their future after they make love for the first time since their reunion…not knowing who is pulling the strings regarding this situation. Speaking of, Ava compliments Joey on a job well done when it comes to reuniting his parents – despite the fact that Joey remains clueless on how evil Ava is and how she is planning on ruining his family.

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1. More Spoilers!

Chase and Ciara continue to mourn the loss of the dads — and one little mistake could ruin their relationship. Rafe is worried about Hope and asks Roman for help. Andre tries to get to Belle because he wants to use her in his plan around the DiMera empire, but the stronger Belle gets, the sassier she is as she begins to fight back.

Source: www.welovesoaps.net
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