7 Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (December 4)

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December is in full swing on Days of Our Lives (DOOL) and as residents are gearing up for the holiday season, drama rears its ugly head this week. Ciara returns to town, while Will makes the moves on Paul (of all people). Brady loses his mind when he thinks Tate has gone missing and Hope confides in Sami about her true feelings for Rafe. Learn about these stories and so much more in the DOOL spoilers for the week of December 4.

7. Ciara Is Back!

Mirroring her dad Bo, Ciara returns to Salem riding in on a motorcycle. Hope is happy to see her, but Claire isn’t too thrilled. In fact, the two engage in a heated confrontation, where warnings are thrown at each other. Some good news this week is that Ciara gets to see Theo. The bad news? Hope learns of some troubles her daughter faced while in Hong Kong.

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6. Rafe And Sami

With Sami miserable and Rafe down in the dumps about Hope, things take a passionate turn for these former lovebirds. Still, while it may have comforted them in the moment, they won’t be feeling this when Hope heads to Sami’s room to talk. Hope has a chat with Sami (as Rafe is hiding) and he finds himself feeling guilty about what he has done as Hope reveals her true feelings about him.

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5. Sonny’s Confused

Sonny does some soul-searching this week, trying to figure out who he wants to truly be with. As he decides, Victor steps in and questions whether Sonny is sure he can let go of the one person to build a future with the other. While Sonny goes back and forth, an interesting development occurs between Will and Paul.

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4. Will And Paul

Will gets a visit from his Aunt Belle, where she fills him in on a secret that happened in in his past. This prompts Will to find Paul, where he proceeds to plant a kiss on him. Meanwhile, Sonny is outside Paul’s door ready to give him some big news.

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3. Sami And Her Siblings

Sami isn’t too happy with Belle about what she told Will. Sami doesn’t hold back and lets her little sister know this. While she is fuming about Belle, Sami does have an ally in Eric and he supports his twin in her mission to get Will to love her again. This week, Eric will try and get Will to see past Sami’s shenanigans and helps comfort him by sharing some stories about his past. Meanwhile, Maggie, Sami, and Kate all try (at different times) to reach out to Lucas. DOOL spoilers indicate one of them may get through to him in the end.

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2. Tate Goes Missing

Brady loses it this week when he thinks Tate is missing. He’s quick to point the finger at Eve. Maggie also butts heads with Deimos’ widow this week; however, this does not phase Eve in the least. She stands firm on becoming the head of Titan. Brady turns to Paul for assistance in unravelling another plan he has in mind for Eve.

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1. More Spoilers!

Steve feels something isn’t right with Tripp. He first shares this with Kayla, and then goes to Tripp. Tripp tries to keep it all under wraps, but Steve knows something is up and feels that Kate is involved. Eli continues to investigate Deimos’ murder and a resident in town might find themselves in hot water this week.

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