6 Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (November 21)

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As we approach American Thanksgiving this week, it seems the holiday does nothing to slow down the action in Salem. There seems to be even more drama at the Lucas/Adrienne wedding, Chad and Gabi heat up (as Abigail remains in the shadows), and Theo tries to expose Valerie for the liar that she is! Learn about these stories and more in the Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of November 21st!

6. Lucas/Adrienne Wedding Takes Bad Turn

While Lucas is upset that Justin has stopped the wedding, Adrienne allows her ex to explain why he has gone to great lengthens to stop this holy union – with the reason being he still loves here. Adrienne is torn and Sonny helps comfort her and shed some light. Just as Adrienne decides who she wants to be with, she suffers from a medical emergency with both Lucas and Justin jumping to be by her side.

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5. Gabi’s Feelings For Chad Grow

As Abigail continues to lurk in the shadows, Gabi’s feelings continue to grow for Chad. So much so that she confides in Dario about it. Meanwhile, Chad turns to Andre to talk to him about his feelings for Gabi. Gabi and Chad will meet up this week and have a chat, but it might cause some tension and there may be heated words. But sometimes a negative can result in a positive on soaps and spoilers indicate that the two will end up sharing a passionate kiss. Later, Gabi will run off to think. She believes this is going to fast, but will eventually come back to Chad because if feels right. On top of everything else, Abigail will try to reach out to Chad this week, but won’t be able to connect with him.

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4. JJ Fesses Up To Rafe

JJ will come clean to Rafe about his affair on Gabi. Rafe won’t be happy about it, but JJ will try to offer up an explanation. He goes on to state that he has no memory of the night he got drunk and the awful mistake he made. JJ wants Gabi back and will do anything to make this wrong right again.

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3. Theo Meddles In His Dad’s Romance

Theo will try to stop the budding romance between his dad, Abe, and Valerie. Theo is fully aware that Valerie is not telling the truth and he works hard to find out all the details around Valerie’s plot this week. It seems teenage allies Ciara and Claire will put their hats into the ring and help Theo with this plan. The threesome will find out something that confirms Theo’s suspicions, and he will approach Abe prior to the date. While Theo insists that his dad should not go out with Valerie, spoilers indicate that an innocent explanation is revealed.

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2. Patch And Paul Partner Up

Steve and Paul embark on a new mission. They are looking to uncover what Eduardo and Dario are up to. Seems these two might be doing something shady at the docks. Paul and Steve partner up to find out what is going on, but spoilers indicate this may just be a dangerous mission that these two are headed into. In other Johnson family news, Joey tries to come to terms with being a dad, as Kayla tries to come to terms with being a grandma.

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1. Hope’s Surprise

As Hope tries to avoid the unavoidable, it seems no one can save her now. Her her loved ones (including Rafe and Shawn-Douglas) fight to keep her out of prison, but it does seem like it may be too late. More shocking than this is the fact that, as she heads to the slammer, Hope seems to spot Marlena in there with her.

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