6 Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (November 14)

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Get ready for another explosive week in Salem, Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans! Secrets are kept from loved ones, someone heads to prison, a wedding gets stopped, and someone in Salem has a ghostly experience. Learn more about Teresa, Brady, Hope, Justin, Adrienne, Lucas, Jennifer, and Abigail, in the DOOL spoilers for the week of November 14th!

6. Teresa Tries To Cut Ties

In an effort to keep Brady safe from Mateo, Teresa continues to keep secrets from her love as she chips away at their relationship. This week, she’ll be rushed to the hospital because of an overdose. Brady is happy when she recovers, but is still down in the dumps because he feels that there is no hope for her. Future spoilers indicate that Teresa does something big to prove she has moved on from Brady. Her last air date is on the horizon, so stay tuned for more information on this.

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5. Hope Is Sentenced

It seems to be a hard week for another DOOL heroine. It is said that Hope will be sentenced this week on DOOL and head to prison. As she gets sent away, she and Rafe share a heartfelt goodbye. Her kids Ciara and Shawn are on hand for this as well. The two Brady siblings will try and be there for each other as their mom is in the slammer.

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4. Philip’s Next Move

While he’s promised to keep Chloe’s secret around the baby all hush-hush, this week Philip reconsiders his promise and starts thinking about what he may do next. As she recently stated, the baby Chloe is carrying is actually Nicole and Daniel’s. As such, Chloe does not want Deimos anywhere near this child. Still, Phillip struggles with the idea of going to Nicole this week. Spoilers indicate that in the end, he will continue to keep his lips sealed about the entire situation.

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3. Ghostly Encounters For Jennifer

Jennifer faints this week after Abigail reveals herself to her mom. The shock of seeing her ‘dead’ daughter becomes far too overwhelming for Jennifer. Thankfully, she doesn’t get hurt and after some questions (and answers from Abby), she is happy that her daughter is alive. Abby explains the entire situation and wonders what to do next when it comes to Chad.

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2. Lucas And Adrienne Tie The Knot … Or Do They?

While Adrienne happily prepares for her wedding day, Justin is on the other side of town stewing. It seems Kiriakis is not as happy as his ex-wife when it comes to her pending nuptials. Spoilers indicate that Justin finally comes to the conclusion on this at the eleventh hour and realizes he wants Adrienne back. In typical soap opera fashion, he will burst into the church to try and stop the wedding at the last moment.

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1. Joey Has Doubts

It seems Joey isn’t too sure about Jade’s pregnancy and will voice his doubts to her this week. She did reveal the news while he was trying to break up with her after all. Still, she will insist that she is pregnant and carrying his child. She goes on to say that the baby was the reason she was fighting so hard to keep her relationship going with him. The good news is, Joey turns to his dad on this and Steve will help give him some advice. Spoilers indicate that the Johnson family will come together when it comes to this new issue.

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