6 Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (January 8)

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With all the hoopla of the holidays behind us, Salem starts this week off with a dramatic swing. Stefan is officially the new DiMera in town and he’s causing a ton of chaos along the way. Learn about what Stefan is up to, as well as the DiMeras, and so much more in the Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers for the week of January 8.

6. DiMera Drama Heats Up

This week DOOL fans will learn that Vivian Alamain isn’t Stefan’s only ally and that Andre has been in on it all the entire time. While the trio seems to celebrate their collective successes, they each clearly have an agenda of their own. Stefan continues to try and con Kate and the rest of the DiMera clan this week.

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5. Awkward Moment

Stefan seems smitten with Abigail and she wants to learn the real truth about him but the two have an awkward moment when one sees the other naked. Meanwhile, Chad hires Black Patch in hopes that they can dig more information out about Stefan. Will the investigative team be able to help? Steve’s strange sickness seems to be getting in the way of things as of late and more than that, hiding it from Kayla is becoming a chore for him.

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4. Eve & Brady

What is really going on between these two? This week, Chloe crosses the line a bit and asks the two, point blank. Meanwhile, Victor worries that Brady is falling for another ‘bad girl’ until Brady fills him in on his plan to ruin Eve. The grandfather and grandson seemingly have a fight this week, yet Eve may be on to the both them. Eve and Brady also get a visit from Vivian, and Brady isn’t too happy to see her.

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3. Lani’s Pregnant?

As she tries to put aside the night she shared with Eli, Lani learns she’s pregnant this week. As she contemplates what to do, she approaches Kayla with thoughts of having an abortion. Unfortunately, the news reaches J.J. as well and he is over the moon with the idea of becoming a dad.

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2. J.J. Makes A Huge Decision

Speaking of J.J., he makes a life-changing decision this week when he leaves Salem’s P.D. He decides on this, thanks to Theo’s deteriorating condition. Sadly, a new treatment is what Theo needs right now, but can only be done outside (and far away) from Salem. Ciara and Claire are both saddened by the news that Theo will be leaving town and one lady gets the support of Tripp.

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1. More Spoilers!

Jenn goes out on a date with another doctor after a miscommunication between her and Eric. Gabi has a terrible first day working with new boss Stefan, while Will tries to mend fences with Maggie. This week, DOOL spoilers indicate that Rafe will try to come clean to Hope about his one-night stand with Sami, but things don’t go as planned.

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