Things You Didn’t Know About General Hospital Star Laura Wright

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What can one say about the beautiful and talented Laura Wright? She enters television sets daily, playing the dynamic role of Carly Corinthos on the ABC soap opera General Hospital (GH). Carly is a complicated character — some fans love her, while others simply love to hate her. At 46 years of age she’s a Daytime Emmy winner and a soap opera legend, but there are so many other layers to Laura Wright fans might not be aware of. Below is a list of things you may not know about this incredible daytime drama actress.

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10. Longest-Reigning Carly… Ever!

The character of Carly entered the world of Port Charles in 1996 and since then the role has been recast numerous times. When Laura Wright stepped into the role in 2005, she owned the part. While she did not originate the role, she’s been playing Carly for over 12 years now and most GH fans can agree, there is no one who has played the character better than Wright.

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9. Soap Opera Veteran

While most soap opera audiences associate Wright with the Carly character, Laura is certainly no stranger to daytime drama. She started her soap opera career in 1991 playing Ally Rescott Bowman on Loving and would move on to play that same role in another show called The City for two more years. She then jumped into the cast of Guiding Light (GL) to play Cassie Layne Winslow from 1997-2005. After that role, Laura headed to Port Charles and has been on GH since.

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8. She Cried When GL Went Off The Air

Wright seems like a passionate actress who truly dives into every role she’s given. Therefore, it may not seem that shocking that Laura shed a tear during the last airing of GL, a soap she spent eight years on. In a November 2009 interview with Soap She Knows, the actress relayed that she did in fact watch the final episodes leading up to the soap’s cancellation “through tears.”

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7. She’s Dating Co-Star Wes Ramsey

In October 1995, Laura married someone from outside the soap industry and Hollywood entirely. His name is John Wright, an architect. They share a daughter and son together and enjoyed a 20-year marriage. Sadly, in the spring of 2016, Laura announced that after a year-long separation, the two decided to separate. These days, Wright is over the moon with her co-star Wes Ramsey (who plays Peter August). While the two don’t share many scenes, they’re constantly in frame together on social media!

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6. She’s Fit

Heard of the “21 Day Fix?” It is a fitness program that mixes portion control with a 30-minute daily exercise regime that anyone can do at home. In 2016, Wright embarked on a 21 Day Fix journey to get healthy and active. Not that she really needed to because the actress has always looked incredible.

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5. Has A Great Working Relationship With Maurice Benard

All anyone has to do is check out Laura’s Instagram account, and it will provide a huge sneak peek into the wonderful camaraderie on GH. She clearly loves her co-workers … and they love her too! However, she seems to have a great thing going with Maurice Benard, the actor who plays Sonny, Carly’s long-love interest on the show. In a January 2016 interview with Michael Fairman Soaps, she talked about how much she trusts Maurice and she is never concerned about a scene with him, going on to note, “It’s an easy day working with Maurice.”

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4. Movie Stints

Laura has spent most of her acting career working in soap operas. However, she placed film actress on her resume in 2015 when she made a cameo appearance as a soap opera actress in the movie Joy. Interestingly enough, guess who was by her side in most of her movie scenes? None other than Sonny Corinthos, her GH co-star Maurice Benard.

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3. She Made Sonny Believe In Carly Again

Sonny and Carly have had a long and crazy love affair. While they have had other relationships over the years, something always pulls them back together. In a January 2016 interview, Maurice Benard relayed how he (as an actor) was done with the idea of Sonny being in a relationship with Carly. But then in 2005, a new Carly was introduced in the form of Laura Wright and Maurice had a change of heart. Laura even stated that the actor wouldn’t talk to her during their first meeting. The two continued to work together, built a strong onscreen foundation, and Maurice was won over with the idea of CarSon taking another crack at the relationship train.

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2. Consummate Professional

Talent can simply never be hidden and it is clear that Laura Wright is an incredible soap opera actress. One simply cannot have the staying power that Wright has had in the industry without the credentials to back it up. Clearly another good thing going for her is her professionalism. Maurice Benard has been quoted as saying the actress is “100% professional” and someone who always knows her lines and brings out emotions like a volcano. Billy Miller (GH’s Jason Morgan) has also reportedly spoken highly of Wright, saying she’s a “workhorse” that is “always professional.”

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1. She’s Always Preparing For Scenes

Carly Corinthos is a mixed bag of emotions that she relays daily on GH. She just lost her son, her marriage to Sonny is in shambles, and Nelle has been working hard to destroy her life. How does Laura prepare for those emotional scenes? In an October interview published last year, she relays how she commits to her Carly character 100%. “What’s weird is I can be at my daughter’s volleyball game, and then the next morning start driving to LA and my stomach starts getting in knots, and I become in Carly’s head space, and I can cry just when I am getting to the studio,” she said.

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