10 Things You Didn’t Know About General Hospital Laura Wright

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What can one say about the beautiful and talented Laura Wright? She enters television sets daily, playing the dynamic role of Carly Corinthos on the ABC soap opera General Hospital (GH). Carly is a complicated character — some fans love her, while others simply love to hate her. At 46 years of age she’s a Daytime Emmy winner and a soap opera legend, but there are so many other layers to Laura Wright fans might not be aware of. Below is a list of 10 things you may not know about this incredible daytime drama actress.

10. Longest-Reigning Carly … Ever!

The character of Carly entered the world of Port Charles in 1996 and since then the role has been recast numerous times. When Laura Wright stepped into the role in 2005, she owned the part. While she did not originate the role, she’s been playing Carly for over 12 years now and most GH fans can agree, there is no one who has played the character better than Wright.


9. Soap Opera Veteran

While most soap opera audiences associate Wright with the Carly character, Laura is certainly no stranger to daytime drama. She started her soap opera career in 1991 playing Ally Rescott Bowman on Loving and would move on to play that same role in another show called The City for two more years. She then jumped into the cast of Guiding Light (GL) to play Cassie Layne Winslow from 1997-2005. After that role, Laura headed to Port Charles and has been on GH since.

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