10 General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (June 25)

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General Hospital (GH) fans should brace themselves around some huge shockers and hard blows for certain characters this week, as a secret gets revealed, a friend loses support, and one man refuses to give up on his love. Learn more about what will happen to Jason, Carly, Sonny, Alexis, and others, in the GH spoilers for the week of June 25th.

10. Jason Is Found Out

Much to Carly’s dismay, Jason will be kicked out of Ferncliff as his connection to “Caroline” is found out. Carly will be devastated about all this and she won’t know how to cope now that her BFF is gone. Jason will also worry about Carly’s sanity and safety, which will make him more determined than ever to clear her name.

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9. Mary Tortures Carly More

With Jason gone, and Mary Pat believing that Carly tried to ‘pull one over her’ fans won’t be surprised to see Mary try and torture Caroline even more. It’s creepy enough that she has a nickname for Carly, and she will undoubtedly try and maker her life that much more miserable this week now that Jason is out of the Ferncliffe picture.

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8. The Yelling

GH spoilers indicate that Carly will deal with some curiosity this week. This is might likely be around the yelling coming from a patient down the hall. She was shocked to hear it the first time, and hearing it again may provoke her to sneak down the hall and check things out.

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7. Alexis Gives Up

Kiki is in for a surprise this week when Alexis leaves her case. It’s not that she doesn’t believe Kiki or doesn’t want to support her, it’s simply because she thinks they can’t win. There’s also a good chance that Alexis will encourage Kiki to give up on the case and move on; however, Kiki isn’t giving up that easily.

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6. Mommy To The Rescue?

It seems like Kiki may turn to her mom for help, and Ava probably has another lawyer in mind. GH spoilers hint that Scotty Baldwin gets an offer he can’t say no to this week, so perhaps he’s the one on the case now. While Scott does play a little dirty, maybe he can use his underhanded legal tricks to do some good for a change.

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5. Maxie Gets Good News

GH spoilers indicate that Maxie will get some positive news this week. With all that has gone on in Jones’ life as of late, here’s hoping the news centers around Baby James and a clean bill of health. Mom and baby deserve to get home, and it would be nice for these two to get settled in a routine after all they both have been through. GH spoilers also hint that she approaches Jordan for advice this week.

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4. Valentin Refuses To Give Up

No shocker here: GH spoilers hint that Valentin will continue to try and work Nina over and back towards his favor. He’s going to make huge moves to win her back; however, it seems that Nina won’t buy any of them. It seems as if Valentin will not give up the fight for their relationship, and Nina won’t make it easy for him, either.

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3. Stone Cold And Spinelli

More on Jason this week! Spinelli will offer some solid updates about their case and from the looks of it, the two seem closer to proving that Nelle’s a liar. Sam will jump into the investigation as well, and GH spoilers tease this isn’t a week that JaSam fans will want to miss.

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2. Michael Set On Nelle

Michael is focused on ruining Nelle and GH spoilers tease that he’ll set up a trap for her this week. This might also be an opportunity to bring Chase into the entire ordeal. Spoilers state that Chase promises something this week, and both men want to see Nelle destroyed. This could be the time where Chase jumps on board to help Michael and the rest of the crew.

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1. More Spoilers!

GH viewers will see Josslyn tell a little white lie, while Sonny will be interrupted this week. Also, Lucy will worry about Kevin, and Jordan will find out the truth about something. Seems like a pretty interesting week on the horizon in the land of Port Charles.

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