New General Hospital Characters Who Failed To Impress Fans

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Every fan has an all-time favorite character. Whether they are on a show now or have since moved on, there are soap opera characters who create long-lasting impacts for viewers. Then, there are ones that aren’t overly memorable. As such, below is an overview of new General Hospital (GH) characters who failed to impress fans.

12. Margaux Dawson

There was a buzz in the air when news broke that Young and the Restless (Y&R) alum Elizabeth Hendrickson was headed to GH in early 2018. When Margaux Dawson entered the land of Port Chuckles, she hit the ground running. Unfortunately, lame storylines and mixed chemistry between her, Sonny, and Drew had her character fizzling fast. She’d exit in 2019, which was good news for Y&R fans because Hendrickson went straight back to that show and has been there since.

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11. David Bensch

He started as a pretty decent guy, but that changed very quickly. Dr. Bensch had a very interesting sexual harassment storyline that helped elevate Kiki Jerome, but he was a creepy slimeball. Sadly, while the doctor was played impeccably by actor James DePaiva, the character himself did not impress fans in the least. Thankfully, he’s gone from the hospital.

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10. Kim Nero

Her storyline was fascinating and helped to further the twin arc between Jason and Drew, not to mention the emotional scenes she had after Oscar passed away. Kim Nero, however, was a bit basic. It further went downhill when she turned mentally unstable near her exit. Is this the last of Kim Nero? Probably not, but fans will get more excited about seeing actress Tamara Braun return than Kim comeback.

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9. Claudette Beaulieu

Claudette seemed like a character brought in to not only stir up issues between Nathan and Maxie, but to shed light on Valentin’s scheming, and also introduce little Charlotte to GH viewers. So, she had no substance. While Claudette may have not overly impressed audiences, Charlotte has certainly won the hearts of GH fans everywhere!


8. Cooper Barrett

Coop stormed into GH during the 2007 Metro Court Hostage storyline and was wrapped in mystery. He’d move on to romance sisters Maxie and Georgie Jones, but the character wasn’t very interesting. Barrett lingered in the land of Port Charles for about a year, until he was written out of storylines.

7. Logan Hayes

BFF to Cooper, Logan arrived on the GH scene around the same time as Barrett and exited some months after him. He too had romances with Maxie and Lulu Spencer, plus he was connected to Scott Baldwin as his son. With that said, he wasn’t that impressive and only lasted about a year on the show.

6. Neil Byrne

He was smart, kind, and walked a straight and narrow path. No real baggage, and it seemed as if Alexis had finally gotten it right in the relationship department. Sadly, Neil passed away just as the couple got it together. Neil was so nice, so why does he hit this list? Well, he was a bit boring. Seems like only complicated guys are impressive in the land of soaps. After all, fans want drama!

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5. Nelle Benson

Nelle certainly makes things interesting, but it is tiresome how she can’t let go of her hate-on for Carly. Plus, her antics have never been overly impressive! Marrying Julian to leverage a custody battle? Kidnapping Wiley? She’s relentless and her self-destructive behavior is too much. She’s “passed away,” but is any fan truly convinced? Regardless, it’s nice that Nelle has been written off-canvas to give GH viewers a break. She needs to move on and fans want to move on!

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4. Andre Maddox

Surprisingly, Andre Maddox lasted about four years in Port Charles! He had no personality, his “romance” fizzled with Anna before it started, and while he was involved in interesting storylines with Drew, his character wasn’t that exciting. Whether a hero or villain, Maddox simply did not connect with the GH audience.

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3. Ellie Trout

Creating a female version of Damien Spinelli was a cute idea, and Ellie started out as an interesting character. After all, fans wanted to see where it would all go, and when Spinelli chose Ellie over Maxie, everyone knew that Spellie was a true super couple. But, after a while, what made them work, made them annoying, and fans currently see Damien in Port Chuckles all the time sans Ellie.

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2. Rebecca Shaw

Rebecca was introduced to GH audiences in 2009 as Emily Quartermaine’s long-lost twin, but she was far from Emily. In fact, after the evil-twin gloss wore off, she was rather boring. She had very little chemistry in her romances with Nikolas, Lucky, and Ethan, so it was not surprising that the character only lasted about a year before she was written off the canvas.

1. Sage Alcazar

Do any fans remember Sage? Probably because she wasn’t overly impressive! Niece to Lorenzo, she lived in Port Charles with her uncle for just under a year. She’d have a romance with Dillon Quartermaine the wasn’t memorable and hasn’t exactly been heard from since. This is for the best; most fans wouldn’t care either way.

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