General Hospital: Spoilers For Winter 2022

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Despite the winter months bringing snow, ice and freezing temperatures, the drama will heat up in the land of Port Charles. What should General Hospital (GH) fans expect over the coming months? Some character returns, for sure. Also, Victor will continue plotting, while love blossoms unexpectedly. Learn about these storylines and others in the below GH spoilers for winter 2022.

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12. Possible Scheduling Delays

Productions delays due to the global health crisis could affect broadcast schedules for the soap opera this winter. Just this past January, the soap opera decided to delay filming by one week after the holidays. In fact, actress Kirsten Storms (Maxie Jones) confirmed she had tested positive recently on social media; however, it’s important to note that the show’s delay in returning to production was out of an “abundance of caution” and not an outbreak. The show is filmed about a month ahead of schedule, so this one-week delay will likely be okay; however, if an outbreak occurs and production shuts down, this could affect things a little more.

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11. Ms. Wu Returns

There’s been a lot of “talk” about Brad’s Auntie Selina; however, Ms. Wu has been MIA as of late. That’s because actress Lydia Look has taken an extended (albeit temporary) leave for a trip overseas. Look visits her mother in Singapore every December and January but she’ll be headed back to the U.S. for filming on the GH set after her vacay. Ms. Wu should be back sometime in late February, early March.

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10. Helena’s Strong Presence

According to a fan page for Constance Towers (Helena Cassadine), the actress filmed some scenes with GH last month, which will likely air on the show sometime this winter. Is she set for a bonafide return or will the matriarch of the Cassadine family simply be part of a fantasy sequence? Fans will have to tune in to find out!

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9. Victor’s Plan

Could Helena’s scenes reveal what Victor Cassadine’s current plan is all about? GH winter spoilers note that he’ll get questioned by Valentin over the weeks ahead. Added teasers say that Victor will stumble upon a secret soon, which might work to his advantage and further all the scheming he’s doing.

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8. The Maxie-BLQ Secret?

Will Victor learn about Maxie and BLQ’s baby secret? GH spoilers down the road reveal that Jones will deal with a “realization” and “heartache”. Could Victor find out who Bailey really is, and kidnap the child in an attempt to control Peter? Added teasers indicate that Maxie will try to cover her tracks, so here’s hoping that Louise stays in the comfort and safety of the Quartermaine mansion.

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7. Unexpected Love Blossoms

GH winter spoilers hint that “unexpected love” will blossom. This really could mean something for a few couples out there. Will Chase and BLQ solidify their relationship? Meanwhile, Austin and Maxie have both admitted feelings for each other. Could either of these couples share a kiss together (or more) over the next few weeks or months?

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6. Nina, Sonny, Carly And… Drew?

Could the cryptic GH spoilers above be about two other couples in Port Charles? Will Carly and Sonny split? Could Sonny gravitate towards Nina? Sure, “Mike” and Reeves had something, but could Sonny act upon some feelings? How will this couple fare in the ‘real world’? Then, there’s this emerging friendship between Carly and Drew; could it turn into something more? Then again, this “unexpected love” could also be about Epiphany and Marshall’s budding romance.

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5. Father-Daughter Bond

GH spoilers also hint that Drew will continue to strengthen his bond with Scout over these winter months. He’s missed too much time with the little girl, and she’ll continue to warm up to him. Cain will likely find himself in the “Port Charles loop” soon, as he hangs out with Curtis and Michael, not to mention his “mom” Monica, and of course, Carly.

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4. An Enemy Steps Into The Picture

GH winter spoilers indicate that an enemy will step out of the shadows and into the forefront. Could this be the “threat” Brick pointed out to Sonny in a recent episode? Does it have to do with the Corinthos family? Could this teaser be hinting that Ms. Wu will be that enemy upon her return? It may also have to do with the little town as a whole someone like Cyrus Renault, but not Cyrus Renault.

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3. Liz Tries To Make Peace With Her Past

Across town, GH spoilers imply that Liz will attempt to make peace with her past. Does this mean getting over Franco’s passing and moving on, and not feeling guilty about a romance with Finn? This teaser might also be about her family drama and dad. Could this spoiler also foreshadow the return of her sister, Hayden?

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2. Leo’s Storyline

GH spoilers suggest that the show will continue to spotlight the incredible storyline between Olivia, Ned and their sweet son, Leo, this winter. Added teasers for the coming weeks imply that his parents will offer a united front as they give him some good news. How will Leo react to the information presented?

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1. Winter Getaway

GH spoilers reveal that the teen scene will finally get to Sonny’s cabin. Unfortunately, there will be drama and Esme will be at the helm of it. She’ll stir the pot with Cameron and suggest an interesting game during their time away. Could it be “truth or dare”? This might be dangerous territory to head into. In fact, added teasers imply that things will escalate during their time away, and some words won’t be able to be taken back.

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