General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (September 23, 2019)

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Time to gear up for another exciting week in the land of Port Charles! Jason plays hero (as usual); Sasha gears up to meet with Nina; and Baby CarSon might be on the way! Learn about these storylines and others in the General Hospital (GH) spoilers for the week of September 23, 2019.

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9. Jason To The Rescue

GH spoilers reveal that Sam will rush to the Haunted Star (for one reason or another), and it seems as if she may get caught up in a dire situation once she gets there. Lucky for her, she has “Stone Cold” as a boyfriend, and teasers hint that Jason will find her trapped, and save the day … once again.

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8. Sasha Gears Up

Right now, Michael knows the truth about Sasha, and she’s gearing up to tell Nina about who she really is, and what Valentin’s been hiding. Seems like she’ll still be at the same crossroads next week, as GH spoilers state that Sasha will prepare herself to meet Nina for dinner in the coming days.

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7. Will The Truth Be Revealed?

While Nina and Sasha will prepare to meet for dinner, there are no teasers around whether or not plans are canceled, or the truth is ultimately revealed. Could something dire happen to Sasha (or Nina) before Valentin’s scheme is revealed? GH just loves prolonging these types of storylines, so fans need to stay tuned.

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6. Baby CarSon On His Way?

As the week winds down, GH spoilers indicate that Carly will head to the hospital. Will the baby be on its way? Fall teasers indicate that Baby CarSon will arrive in the coming weeks, so anything is possible. On that same note, her mom Bobbie will be left stranded and in need of help, so perhaps Carly’s hospital visit is about her.

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5. Chase Saves The Day

Speaking of, could Chase me the one who helps out Bobbie? GH spoilers indicate that Harrison Chase will head to the docks when he’s alerted about trouble in that area, and as the days progress, he’ll bring a stretcher into the hospital. As a police officer, this last teaser is a tad intriguing, especially since it doesn’t really make sense why an emergency or hospital worker wouldn’t be doing this.

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4. Brad Apologizes

GH spoilers hint that there could be some drama on the horizon around the Baby Wiley storyline, as Brad apologizes for something terrible he’s done. Could he finally reveal the truth to someone involved in this entire fiasco, other than Julian? All arrows seem to be pointing to him telling the truth to Willow first.

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3. Willow & Michael

If Willow does find out the truth, would she be tempted to reach out to Michael? GH spoilers indicate that the two friends will cross paths this week at some point, and if Willow knows that Wiley is not her son, she may confide to Michael about it. It’s only a matter of time before this Baby Wiley storyline fully explodes within the land of Port Charles.

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2. Peter’s World

GH spoilers indicate that Peter will meet up with Finn this week; will Anna be their topic of conversation? As the week progresses, Peter will be collecting some money that is owed to him … but from who? In other (somewhat) related spoilers, Shiloh will be reluctant about doing something.

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1. More Spoilers!

Across town, Jordan will get a statement from Jason, and he’ll answer some of her questions, so this teaser could potentially be about the Haunted Star incident with Sam. Lastly, GH spoilers state that Olivia will have her knickers in a twist, could she continue to give Lulu a hard time for moving on from Dante and dating someone new?

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