General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (September 14, 2020)

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Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! Time for another incredible week in the land of Port Charles! Julian will get confronted on something while Liz will apologize. Also, Nina and Jax get closer. Learn about these storylines and others in the GH spoilers for the week of September 14, 2020.

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10. Britt and Julian

While Britt Westbourne is set to return to the land of Port Chuckles this week, GH spoilers tease a confrontation between her and Julian Jerome on the Monday, September 14th episode. What could Britt have to say to Julian at this point, and does it have to do with his marriage to Nelle, or something else?

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9. Liz Apologizes

GH spoilers hint that Franco will get an apology from his wife Elizabeth early on in the week. Could the two decide to finally put their friendships with Nik and Ava behind them to move forward? Seems like they’ll get to this decision very soon, if not by early next week.

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8. Nina and Jax

Nina and Jax will continue to get closer, as GH spoilers indicate that she’ll tell Jax all about her mom. In added teasers, as the week progresses, Nina will begin to feel hopeful. Will she be that much closer in finding out who her daughter is? She may be excited now; however, a massive bombshell is about to be dropped in her world.

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7. Ned’s World

According to GH spoilers, Ned will lash out on Lucy this week, and this probably has to do with ELQ. As the days go by, he’ll reach out to Alexis and offer some help. Could this be around potential legal issues with Neil’s passing? He may just want to give her some support as a friend. She is going through a lot as of late. In related teasers, Alexis and Portia will meet up at some point next week.

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6. The Corinthos Family Mourns

It seems as if Sonny and the rest of the family are on the verge of losing Mike. GH spoilers hint that Sonny will turn to Felix for support, while Carly will feel as if she’s gotten closure. As the days go by, Sonny will ponder on what could have been, and he’ll receive an unexpected gift by week’s end.

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5. Stella Returns

Added GH spoilers that suggest Mike could pass either this week or next is the fact that actress Vernee Watson will return to the soap on Wednesday, September 16th to reprise her Aunt Stella role. Stella was quite close to Mike and the entire Corinthos family, so if he does pass, she’d want to be there to say goodbye. Teasers relay that Stella will be sympathetic, and even get into a quarrel with Curtis as the week goes by, where he finds himself snapping at her. Meanwhile, Dante will get some terrible news in the coming days … could this also be linked to Mike?

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4. Ava Takes Some Time

GH spoilers suggest that Ava will take some time for herself, as she decompresses at a cabin. As the days go by, she’ll also get some one-on-one time with her daughter Avery, which is sure to bring a smile to both their faces. Ava isn’t the nicest character, but she’s complicated and has been through a lot. Here’s hoping her time alone gives her perspective.

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3. Brook Lynn Gets News

Across town, GH spoilers reveal that Portia will have some news for Brook Lynn. A lot is riding on her recovery, so will Portia offer up optimism or something negative? Regardless, Brook Lynn has a long road ahead. In related teasers, her cousin Michael will reach out this week and offer up his support.

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2. Michael and Willow

Speaking of, GH spoilers hint that Willow and Michael will continue to get a little closer in the coming days. Seems like their loveless marriage is about to get romantic! In related teasers, Sasha will offer up some help. She reached out to Willow during Wiley’s disappearance, could she reach out again?

General Hospital

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1. More Spoilers!

Carly will offer Jason an update this week, while Sam gets taunted by Cyrus. Meanwhile, Joss and Brando have a “moment” in the coming days, and Molly will be taken aback. Rounding out GH spoilers, Robert Scorpio will be pushed into a corner. Could this have to do with Holly’s disappearance and memorial, or will Peter (or potentially Alex) be up to no good?

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