General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (October 29, 2018)

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It’s the spookiest week of the year in Port Charles, as Halloween hits General Hospital (GH). The kids will be thrown a fun bash by Franco and Jason will get a sweet feeling; however, poor Chase will stumble upon something gory. Learn about these stories and more in the GH spoilers for the week of October 29, 2018.

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11. Ryan Drama

GH spoilers hint that some crazy events are on the horizon this week, and they just may have to do with the Kevin/Ryan twin switch. Kevin will feel he may be on the cusp of an opportunity to escape Ferncliff, and he’ll try his best to give someone the heads up around his brother. However, spoilers do seem to imply that this plan will not go off well.

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10. Mary Pat In Danger

GH spoilers hint that Mary Pat will be in danger this week, crossing Ryan. Could it be that she finds out he’s not really Kevin and she tries to do something about it? Hold onto your hats GH fans, as spoilers indicate that there are some huge shockers this week. Could she be Ryan’s first victim? Seems like Ryan will strike down on someone this week.

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9. Sonny And Michael

Some nice father-son time with Michael and Sonny this week, as the two share a chat over drinks. Michael will do most of the talking, and Sonny will try to help by listening and giving some advice, but it’ll still be hard to ease any pain for the young man. GH spoilers tease that Michael might drink a little too much, which may mean a Halloween accident or even a spooky dream of some sorts for him.

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8. Halloween Bash Hosted By Franco

GH spoilers hint that Franco will organize a fun Halloween event for the kiddos in Port Charles. It seems that he may have an ulterior motive behind it all though, as the party could offer some useful insight and observation as to what is truly going on with Aiden. Here’s hoping that Franco can help.

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7. Jason Taken Aback

GH spoilers hint that Jason will be surprised by a sweet move, which may mean that Danny will pop by for some candy (‘tis the season this week). Perhaps Jason and Sam will continue to get closer and closer, thanks to Danny, which is good news for all those fans looking for their JaSam reunion!

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6. Mac And Felicia Pitch In

Felicia and Mac will pitch in and help out Laura on her write-in campaign, which she’ll be appreciative of. Meanwhile, Ryan will be over the moon that Laura is pre-occupied with something else, so she can stay away from him. This will give him the time he needs to focus on Ava.

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5. Ryan And Ava

Clearly, Ryan is smitten with Ava, and sadly, she’ll continue to be oblivious to any dangers he may bring. After all, she thinks he is Kevin Collins, the cool, handsome, and witty doctor. Regardless, he’ll continue to zero in on her this week. In other GH Ava spoilers, she and Carly will have a confrontation this week, fighting over new and old issues. It promises to be a dramatic faceoff.

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4. The Britt Is Back

Britt Westbourne will be returning to GH this week, and it seems that Anna may be at the helm of it all. Anna needs help to bait Liesl Obrecht out of the hole she’s crawled under, so expect Devane to spark up some sort of deal with Westbourne. GH spoilers also indicate that Anna may scare up Finn a bit, and she won’t back down. This seems to be connected to the Obrecht search, and things are sure to get pretty crazy.

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3. Finn Doesn’t Like It

Will Anna try and give Britt her freedom to help in the plan? It has to be something huge for her to agree to go against her mom. Regardless, GH spoilers tease that Finn won’t be happy to help out; in fact, he will be reluctant in the entire situation, as it apparently goes against what he believes in.

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2. Teen Drama

GH spoilers tease that Cameron makes a surprising discovery, which probably has to either do with Josslyn or Oscar. Although, with Oscar mixed into that cult lately it probably has to do with him. Maybe Cameron will realize that something doesn’t seem right, and hopefully take action around it all and tell an adult.

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1. More Spoilers!

Valentine and Nina enjoy a nice dinner together, while Curtis and Jordan continue with wedding plans. It seems as if Chase will fall upon a shocking and gruesome discovery, so fans should expect Ryan to strike on someone this week. Speaking of Chase, it won’t be all work, work, work for the cop, as he and Michael bond over their hate-on for Nelle. Lastly, Carly will still be haunted by Ferncliff this week, and she and Laura will make a pact.

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