General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (October 1, 2018)


The first week of October might feel a little chilly outside, but there will be plenty of heat in Port Charles. Oscar will lose control; Kiki steps up her game; and expect a HUGE character return on Monday’s show. Learn more about these storylines and plenty of others in the General Hospital (GH) spoilers for the week of October 1, 2018.

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10. Laura Returns!

GH fans need to be on high alert! Beloved fan favorite Laura Spencer Collins is returning to Port Charles this week, and it promises to be huge! Promo videos show her giving a big return kiss to ‘Kevin’, so it is clear that Laura is set to dive right into twin storyline that is currently heating up daytime screens.

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9. Oscar Gone Wild

There will be some huge moments for Oscar this week, as he digests the news around his brain tumor condition. GH spoilers tease he’ll show some recklessness, and poor mom Kim will be out of her mind. Not only is Oscar dealing with the idea of dying, he will also be quite frustrated that neither of his parents told him the truth about his illness.

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8. Josslyn Finds Out

Speaking of the truth coming out, Josslyn will catch wind of what is going on with Oscar and turn into a mess herself. She will obviously be quite upset to hear the news; however, mom Carly will be a solid source of comfort for the teen during this difficult time.

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7. Kiki Steps It Up

GH spoilers tease that Kiki will be ready to take a huge step, and it seems like this may concern turning her friendship with Griffin into something more. These two have amazing chemistry together and would make a great GH super couple. Here’s hoping her leap of faith pans out nicely. In other Kiki news this week, she’ll chastise her mom Ava at some point. This mother-daughter feud is getting good!

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6. Nina’s Shocker

GH spoilers hint that Nina will have to deal with a huge surprise and really think about what her next steps should be. Knowing Nina, she will want to do the right thing but ponder what that exactly is at this point in time. Could it be that Nina figures out Kiki is her long-lost daughter? GH seems to keep teasing in that direction, so fans shouldn’t be surprised if it starts to unravel this week.

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5. Maxie Notices

As Nina deals with this, GH spoilers state that newest BFF Maxie will pick up on her distraction. Maxie will want to know what’s going on with her, but will Nina tell all? Or anything for that matter? These two have become close, so she will most likely fill Maxie in after some prodding.

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4. Margaux Isn’t Happy

Margaux will be given some bad news this week, and Jordan will be the messenger. The District Attorney has been hot and heavy in the case that involves Sonny and his dad Mike, with a ton of vested interest in it all. There is a very good chance that Jordan may warn her that she’ll have to drop it if no substantial evidence is found.

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3. Cameron Is Stuck

More teen drama headed to Port Charles this week as GH spoilers indicate that Cameron will be stuck in a situation where he feels uncomfortable. As the week progresses it seems like Cam will also refuse to lie for Oscar. Here’s hoping he does that for the right reasons, and not the wrong ones.

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2. Sam Admits Reservations

GH spoilers say that Sam will feel like she has her hands tied and admit to some reservations she has. As the days go by, fans will see the character make a big move. Would that happen to be with Jason, or does it concern Drew? Maybe someone in her family? Only time will tell!

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1. More Spoilers!

What else is going on in Port Charles? Well, Kristina will help someone who needs her, while Ava will be put in her place by Sonny. Additional GH spoilers indicate that Julian will agree to back off a situation (potentially when it comes to the Brad/Lucas/Wiley storyline), and Monica will provide some support to a loved one.

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