General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (November 5, 2018)


While Halloween is a thing of the past, the creepiness continues in Port Charles this week as the town reels from the murder of Mary Pat. Learn more about what will happen to Carly, Jason, Margaux, Sonny, Ryan, Laura, and others in the next five days by reading the General Hospital (GH) spoilers for the week of November 5, 2018.

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10. Carly Turns To Jason

Carly will have a hard time getting over what she saw during that apple bobbing contest, and will still be thinking about Mary Pat’s murder this week. She will turn to Jason, and her BFF will offer an ear and helpful hand. She won’t only be reeling about Mary Pat’s death, but also how she is still haunted by what happened at Ferncliff.

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9. Curtis Lends A Hand

Will Curtis get involved in Mary Pat’s murder investigation? It’s a good possibility, as GH spoilers indicate that he’ll extend his services to someone this week. Perhaps he assists Jordan by doing some snooping around of his own. How long before people realize that Ryan is the killer, who is parading around as Kevin?

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8. Margaux Digs

Seems like Margaux will do some snooping around of her own this week, and this likely has to do with Sonny’s reveal around Scully, Vincent, and Jeanette. Knowing Port Charles’ new D.A., she’ll want to get to the bottom of this all herself, and an investigation is clearly on the horizon. Other GH spoilers tease that Sonny will prove a point this week, so perhaps the two are connected.

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7. Terry Turns To Liz

GH spoilers tease that Terry will be dealing with something big this week, and she’ll turn to Liz for some support. This most likely has to do with Oscar and his clinical trial. The teen is refusing to cooperate, and Terry might confide her frustrations around this to Liz, and her worry for his mom, Kim.

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6. Liz Questions Cameron

Speaking of Liz, GH spoilers tease that she’ll question her son Cameron this week. She’s suspicious of how fast he and Josslyn have connected, and Cameron will have to deal with some big questions from his mom. Everyone knows that moms have a sixth sense, so it’ll be hard for Cam to weasel his way out of this interrogation.

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5.  Ned Gets A Phone Call

And it’ll rattle him to his very core! GH spoilers don’t say much more, but it’s hard not to put two and two together and point this to Ryan. He desperately wants Laura to win the mayoral election to get her out of his hair, so could he have placed a phone call to ensure Ned stays out of the race.

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4. Ryan And Ava

Meanwhile, GH spoilers indicate that Ryan will also be occupied with Ava this week. He seems like a busy man between threatening phone calls and murders; however, he’ll make moves on Ava that will have her feeling both curious and confused. The storyline between these two is getting really interesting.

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3. Brad Spills To Britt

GH spoilers indicate that Brad will turn to Britt this week and confide in her about something. It most likely centers around the baby switch and him having Nelle and Michael’s child. He clearly needs to get things off his chest, and if he’s looking for some advice, there’s no one better to turn to than Britt.

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2. Nelle’s Back

Nelle will make another brief return this week, and GH spoilers tease that she continues to be up to no good … even behind bars! Whether she’s back to cause chaos for Michael, Carly, or perhaps Brad and Lucas, she’ll be up to her usual tricks and stirring up trouble in Port Chuckles.

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1. More Spoilers!

Chase deals with another awkward encounter with Willow, while Nina will get advice from Franco. Additional GH spoilers hint that Lulu will pull back from a situation (reluctantly), while her daughter Charlotte is not fooled by Spencer’s shenanigans this week in the least. Lastly, Kim will get much-needed support from Julian, while Oscar turns to his new-found friends to lean on.

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