General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (November 25, 2019)

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Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! What’s on tap for the week of American Thanksgiving? Well, someone’s life will (once again) be at risk! As well, a huge secret could (finally) be revealed while a couple will struggle to keep it all together. Learn about these storylines and others in the GH spoilers for the week of November 25, 2019.

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9. Kendra Strikes Again

GH spoilers indicate that Kendra will be far from done with Alexis. Her rat poisoning plan did not work, and it seems as if she’ll try to get rid of Alexis once again this week. Teasers relay she’ll try and run her over with a car, but sadly, someone else will get caught in the scheme as well.

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8. Neil Puts Two-and-Two Together

Rewinding just a tad on this storyline, GH spoilers tease that Neil will finally put two-and-two together early on in the week, and realize who was trying to poison Alexis. Sadly, while he will catch on to Kendra’s plan (part 2), he’ll be too late to be able to stop it.

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7. Plot Twist

To further add to all this, GH spoilers hint that Alexis will learn the truth about something, just before Kendra’s car accident plan is placed in motion. Seems as if there is a possibility that Alexis could learn the truth around Baby Wiley’s true bio parents right before she gets hit, but might be too hurt (or unconscious) by the car incident to tell anyone what she knows.

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6. Brad Caught In The Mix

In an interesting turn of events, GH spoilers point to the idea that Brad will get caught up in the hit-and-run accident, potentially leaving him as a victim in all this too. He may be in the car with Alexis when it happens, or perhaps standing with her, which could mean they both get hit and injured. It seems as if he’ll spill the beans moments before the car accident unravels.

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5. Brad’s Condition

GH spoilers don’t provide a lot of information about Brad or Alexis; however, there are some teasers fans can try and interpret. First off, Lucas will plead with his hubby at some point this week, which could mean that Brad is in coma, with hopes that he’ll wake up. Someone will also give Brad a pep talk, so it seems like he may not be okay after all this.

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4. Hayden Won’t Back Down

On the other side of town, Hayden will be bothered by how Valentin is acting with her as of late. GH spoilers reveal that he’ll become a bully of sorts, and she’ll refuse to back down to his antics. Fans should stay tuned for a pier confrontation between the two earlier on in the week.

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3. Valentin Finds Something Out

GH spoilers relay that Valentin will be given some interesting info in the coming days. Could he discover that Nikolas is in fact alive? Teasers hint he’ll be pretty pleased with what he finds out, so maybe he’ll be happy to know that his nephew is alive, so he can gain the upper hand in all this. In other related news, Laura will aim to do what’s best for her family.

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2. Anna and Finn

GH spoilers indicate that Finn and Anna will have a huge talk about their relationship this week. They’ll chat about their feelings, Violet, and where they want to head to as couple, moving forward. Seems as if it will be a positive conversation for these two, but with Hayden lingering in the shadows, their happily ever after might not last too long.

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1. More Spoilers

Heads up, GH fans! The show will not be seen this Friday, November 29th due to pre-emption. In other spoilers, Willow will be a tad introspective, while Peter feels unnerved. Meanwhile, Julian will go to extreme lengths in the coming days, and Olivia will try and feel optimistic. Last but not least, Liz will be taken aback … could this be about Franco’s procedure?

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