General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (June 10, 2019)

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The month of June continues to delight fans of General Hospital (GH), as we gear up for another exciting week! Drew is there for Kim; Sonny will take things into his own hands; and Harmony walks a dangerous line. Learn about these storylines and others in the GH spoilers for the week of June 10, 2019.

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9. Drew Supports Kim

They’ve had a hard go at it lately, and GH spoilers hint that Kim will need to be tended on this week, and Drew will be the one to help. Could it be that she suffered a minor injury from their Mt. Kilimanjaro trip, or is maybe hitting another setback in her grieving process?

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8. Sonny Takes Control

GH spoilers tease that Sonny will be convinced it’s time to take some action, and this may have something to do with Shiloh. Sonny is used to handling situations like these on his own, and he may decide to do away with Shiloh once and for all; however, someone will step in to stop him.

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7. Kristina’s Plea

GH spoilers suggest that Sonny’s daughter Kristina will plead with her father against killing Shiloh. Sure, she can’t stand the cult leader and all he’s done to her and her family, but she knows that murder is not the way. She’ll beg her dad to not go through with it, but is this enough for Corinthos to refrain from “taking care” of business on his own?

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6. Shiloh’s Manipulations

Speaking of, he may have it coming as GH spoilers indicate that Shiloh will continue to manipulate, as he turns on the charm this week. As the days progress, he’ll work hard to push Sam’s buttons, taunting her in the process. This will shake her at first, but she’ll be reminded of the brighter things in her life, and she’ll fluff off his games.

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5. Harmony In Danger

GH spoilers state that Harmony will find herself in a dangerous situation this week, and will be praying Shiloh swoops in to save the day. Will she be rescued in time? In other related teasers, Chase will be shocked to learn that Harmony is Willow’s mother this week, and lastly, Michael will offer his support to Willow.

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4. Julian Offers Advice

GH spoilers suggest that Brad will be shaken up this week, and turn to Julian for some support. Jerome will caution his son-in-law not to panic, and to simply calm down. He’s been in a ton of schemes over the years, both legal and questionable, so Julian knows how to stay level-headed in these situations.

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3. Surprise! Nelle Returns

Although perhaps Brad should remain a little panicked, it could keep him on his toes! GH spoilers state that Nelle Benson is headed to Port Charles (or at least on television screens) this week; however, she may just catch everyone by surprise in the end. Teasers hint that Nelle will get an unexpected guest who will arrive for a visit, and all arrows are pointing towards a prison escape of sorts by Benson.

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2. Maxie Peeved

GH spoilers indicate that Maxie will decide not to plan anything with beau Peter this week. After all, he shot down her Dante/Lulu reunion plan, and Jones will see him as extra baggage when it comes to bringing the super couple back together. Expect her little Dulu hookup scheme to rev up a lot in the coming days.

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1. More spoilers!

Chase will remain firm on the side of law and justice, while Lucas will meet with his cousin Carly this week. GH spoilers also tease that Curtis will get confronted by Jordan, and Ava will wipe her hands clean of something by cutting her losses (hopefully she over not killing Ryan, and decides moves on).

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