General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (July 12, 2021)

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Summer in Port Charles is in full swing! Wonder what’s on tap in the land of General Hospital (GH) this week? Austin and Carly have a chat, while Britt and Liesl reach an understanding. Plus, Sam is worried about Alexis (who could blame her)! Learn about these storylines and others in the below GH spoilers for the week of July 12, 2021.

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9. Dr. Austin Chats With Carly

Starting GH spoilers, Dr. Austin will continue to be curious about the Michael Corinthos Wing at the hospital; so much so, he’ll have a chat about it with Carly, early on in the week. In other Carly news, she’ll have a stand-off with Gladys, as the days progress. Corbin better watch her step.

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8. Britt and Obrecht

Across town, GH spoilers hint that Liesl and Britt will come to an understanding this week. In other news, Scotty will announce something major! Speaking of news, Monica gets some and will be quite intrigued by what she finds out. Lastly, Brando learns why Sasha is so hesitant about their relationship.

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7. Sam’s Concerned About Alexis

Over at the prison, GH spoilers reveal that Sam will be worried about Alexis’s well-being. Considering her circumstances, it’s understandable. In other Sam teasers, she and Jason will have a chat that leads her to question his motives. Sounds like Jason will be grilled by his ex and baby momma. Could this have to do with his marriage to Carly?

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6. Family Chat Time!

GH spoilers indicate that Shawn, Jordan, and TJ will have a “family discussion”. What will be the main topic of conversation? Meanwhile, Curtis will find himself apologizing to someone. Who will that be? Lastly, things have been “tense” between Portia and him as of late. Sounds like these two will address this in the coming days.

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5. Nikolas Turns To Laura

Across town, GH spoilers imply that Nik will turn to Laura to help boost his spirits. As the days go by, Cassadine will be caught off guard by something, while Laura assures Ava that all will work out in the end. Speaking of Ava, Trina comes to her defense this week when someone has something to say about Jerome.

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4. Sonny’s News

Over to Nixon Falls, GH spoilers suggest that Sonny will wait for some important news. As the days go by, added teasers note that he’ll anticipate Lenny’s return before he goes through with something. Lastly, it’s common knowledge that Phyllis is protective of Nina. Seems like she’ll issue a warning of sorts this week, regarding her friend.

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3. Maxie Looks For Advice

Speaking of Nina, GH spoilers suggest that Maxie will need advice, and she’ll reach out to Reeves. As the days go by, Jones will also be looking for a favor. Could Maxie fill Nina in on her baby situation, and that BLQ is the one raising little Louise (for the time being)? Reeves is a friend she can trust, so there’s a good chance she turns to her and tells all.

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2. BLQ Worried

GH spoilers reveal that Brook Lynn will worry this week that the truth could come out. What has her so concerned? As the days roll by, added teasers state that Nina will catch BLQ off guard. This is another hint that Maxie could tell Reeves about the baby. Lastly, Brook Lynn, along with her cousin Michael and dad Ned, will present a united front for a common goal.

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1. Anna And Her Men

Lastly, GH spoilers offer some insight into Anna Devane and her complicated relationships. The week will start with her and Finn having a chat. Sounds like the two could get some closure in the coming days. As the weekend hits, she’ll also have a discussion with Valentin as they navigate through their evolved relationship.

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