General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (December 2, 2019)

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Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! This coming week promises plenty of action, romance, and unexpected plot twists! Jax and Valentin will have a confrontation, while Jason will catch Ned off guard, and two characters could very well be fighting for their lives! Learn about these storylines and others in the GH spoilers for the week of December 2, 2019.

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9. Tension Between Jax and Valentin

GH spoilers tease some tension and potentially a heated confrontation between Jax and Valentin in the coming days. This storyline has been building up for quite a while now and seems as if it’ll explode early on in the week. With Valentin in the know now about the codicil and (somewhat) Jax’s plan, their faceoff should be interesting.

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8. Jason and Ned

Across town, GH spoilers tease that Jason will catch Ned off guard this week. While there aren’t many details around what Stone Cold does, it will leave Ned wondering what his “cousin” is up to. Could Jason want to get involved in ELQ, or perhaps ask Ned for some help as it relates to Sam, or even assistance with kiddos Scout and Danny? Only time will tell.

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7. Alexis and Brad

GH spoilers seem to hint that Alexis and Brad may very well may be fighting for their lives in the coming days. Kendra is not done with Davis at this point, and it seems as if Brad may get caught in the crossfire. In fact, Kristina will be concerned, where dad Sonny needs to put her at ease, and Lucas will plead with Brad at some point? Will he be begging for his husband to pull through?

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6. Bobbie’s Bad News

GH spoilers suggest that as of mid-week, Bobbie will have some bad news to share. Does this have to do with Alexis and Brad’s respective conditions? One or both of these characters may find themselves in a dire medical condition due to the accident. Here’s hoping if this is the case that Alexis and Brad can both pull through.

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5. Jordan’s Findings

In other (potentially) related GH spoilers, Jordan will relay that her findings around an investigation come out inconclusive. Could this be about Alexis and Brad’s accident or something else? Many now know that Kendra is up to no good, but perhaps she is able to cover her tracks well with this recent situation.

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4. Julian’s Discovery

GH spoilers indicate that Julian will make a devastating discovery in the coming days. Could he around when Brad or Alexis’ health takes a turn for the worse? Does he figure out that Alexis knows the truth about Baby Wiley? It seems as if he’ll uncover something very troubling, so it very well could be intertwined with the whole incident, or something else.

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3. Franco’s World

GH spoilers hint that Franco will be ready to move forward with the next chapter in his life this week, but this may also mean finishing off old business as he’ll complete a project of importance. In related teasers, Liz will be taken aback about something. Could this have to do with Franco, or something else?

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2. The Corinthos Clan

If Alexis and Brad are hospitalized, this will undoubtedly affect the entire Corinthos Family at one point or another. GH spoilers state that Michael will offer his assistance to someone (could be that he agrees to help Kristina with something, or babysit Wiley for Lucas). Teasers suggest that Carly will cut her plans short due to something that pops up, so she may wrap something up quickly to head to the hospital. Lastly, Sonny will sympathize with someone’s situation.

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1. More Spoilers

Rounding out GH spoilers, Olivia will remain optimistic, while Nina is caught off guard. Sasha will lend an ear to Willow as she confides to her about something, and BFFs Lulu and Maxie will get together to catch up on all that has been going in their worlds on as of late.

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