General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (August 19, 2019)


The kids may be heading back to school, but the drama continues to unravel in the land of Port Charles! Kim will find comfort in her past, while Jason will try to pick Franco’s brain to find out more about Shiloh, and Helena Cassadine is set to make a splashing return! Learn about these storylines and others in the General Hospital (GH) spoilers for the week of August 19, 2019.

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10. Kim’s World

GH spoilers suggest that Nero will find some peace with her past, as Franco may relay Drew’s (past) feelings for her. Teasers suggest that Franco will pay a visit to Kim, so it seems as if he might be a little obsessed with her in the coming weeks thanks to that memory stick. Lastly, Monica will have a heart-to-heart with Kim this week.

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9. Jason Looks For Franco

Franco will be in hot demand this week! Jason will be looking for him, as GH spoilers hint that he will want more information on Shiloh. There seems to be a good chance that Franco may be able to help fill in some blanks about Drew’s past with the cult leader in Afghanistan.

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8. Shiloh’s Looking For A Trade

Speaking of, while it seems as if he may still be behind bars, GH spoilers suggest that Shiloh will be looking to exchange something with someone. The cult leader always has a scheme or two up his sleeve, and maybe he’ll be willing to do something for someone if they score him a “get out of jail free” card.

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7. Character Return!

Helena Cassadine is set to return to the land of Port Charles this Monday, August 19th, as actress Constance Towers will reprise this infamous GH role. Don’t get too excited fans, it seems she’ll appear onscreen in the form of flashbacks, relaying Helena’s involvement with Drew and Shiloh’s issues in Afghanistan.

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6. Cameron In Trouble?

GH spoilers indicate that Cam will be caught by surprise this week, and it looks like there is a good chance he may land in trouble once again. The good news is that Drew will be there to save the day and help Cam; however, teasers are also hinting a potentially dangerous twist in all this.

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5. Trouble At The Warehouse

GH spoilers are also pointing toward some trouble for Sonny this week, as an issue will arise at one of his warehouses in the coming days. Seems like he may be able to deal with it, but this could be the start of another storyline that involves Corinthos and his “business.”

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4. Jax Defends Hayden

There’s been a huge (and unexpected) alliance between Jax and Hayden, as the two are up to something big. Having said that, Jax will be the one to rush to Hayden’s defense this week as suspicions continue to arise about Barnes. Could he be defending her to Finn Hamilton or someone else?

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3. Obrecht Turns To Maxie

GH spoilers suggest some trouble in paradise for Peter and Maxie. Seems as if Liesl will turn to her for some help this week, and Jones will agree to lend a hand. Teasers indicate that Maxie will help Obrecht thanks to some ulterior motives; however, doing this favor will leave a bad taste in Peter’s mouth.

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2. Ava Has A Hard Week

It’s actually been a very rough few months for Ava as she continues to struggle around the death of her daughter, Kiki. GH spoilers hint that a dream will leave her feeling like she has more unanswered questions, and she’ll also suffer a bad night later on in the week. In other related teasers, Kevin will relay that he want is the best for her, which may leave Ava feeling like she does have some support in the little town.

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1. More Spoilers!

Elizabeth will get some support this week when Drew and Curtis pay her a visit, and in other related spoilers, Curtis will also get a lead of sorts in the coming days. Rounding out teasers for the week, Lulu will invite Olivia and Robert to Sonny’s place … could this have something to do with Dante or just a gathering for friends and family?

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