General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (April 1, 2019)

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Goodbye, March … hello April! This shall promise to be a very special week for General Hospital (GH) fans, as the show celebrates its 56th birthday! Learn more about what will happen to JaSam, Dawn of Day members, Sonny, Carly, Josslyn, Alexis, and others in the GH spoilers for the week of April 1, 2019.

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13. Anniversary Special

GH fans should set their PVRs on Tuesday, April 2, as spoilers indicate that the soap opera plans to celebrate its 56 years on daytime television. Expect some special video clips around past memories shared, as well as a former character to make a special appearance. Should be a great watch for long-time viewers of the show.

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12. Gail Baldwin’s Will

It seems as if the anniversary special will focus on the reading of Gail’s will. Alexis will gather Scott, Bobbie, Monica, Felicia, Mac, as well as Laura, to alert them on what their deceased friend has left them. However, what ends up happening is that her last wishes will see them sent out on a mission of sorts, revealing more things than what they bargained for.

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11. Lesley Webber Returns!

Laura’s mom, Lesley Webber, will join the crew above, during GH’s anniversary special that will also honor and celebrate the character of Dr. Gail Webber. Actress Denise Alexander will reprise the role, in an episode where GH spoilers promise plenty of memories and surprises for fans. Should be a highly-entertaining show this week.

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10. Gail’s Message To Scott

GH spoilers suggest that Scott’s mom will have a message for him through her will reading, and it seems that it will be one from the heart. Additional GH teasers hint that Lucy will be on hand next week to provide moral support to another character, so perhaps she’ll be able to lend a shoulder and ear to her old friend.

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9. Dante’s Exit

Some sad GH spoilers on the horizon, as it seems that Dante will be making his anticipated exit this coming week. Due to all that happened to him in Turkey, his recent episodes since being back in Port Charles, and in an effort to protect his family, he’ll leave the little town to heal. Lulu, along with GH viewers alike, will be shocked when Dante tells her to move on, without him. He will make it clear he doesn’t want her waiting for him.

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8. Laura Struggles

GH spoilers indicate that Laura will reflect on her life this week. She’s still very upset about the Kevin/Ryan twin switch fiasco, and she’ll work hard to understand why her husband did what he did. She’ll also ponder whether or not she wants to end her marriage over recent events.

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7. Julexis Update

Julian and Alexis will cross each other’s paths this week. GH spoilers tease that the two will be forced into trying to reconcile what has unfolded in their pasts. Does this mean a reunion of sorts for these two? Anything is possible in the land of Port Charles! They always did make a pretty good pair.

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6. Warning For Willow

GH spoilers indicate that Willow will be placed on the receiving end of a warning. This may just have to do with Shiloh, and while she does have Chase promising protection, the Dawn of Day leader is a sneaky and dangerous individual. He’s also uber creepy! Here’s hoping Willow won’t be too shaken by the ordeal.

5. Kristina Does The Unthinkable

GH spoilers tease that Kristina will cross a line of sorts, and this will undoubtedly have to do with her family versus the Dawn of Day cult. Her personality has changed dramatically recently, and she may do something to prove her loyalty to Shiloh and his group of cronies this coming week.

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4. Oscar’s Condition

GH spoilers seem to be hinting that Oscar’s condition will continue to take a turn for the worse this coming week. Kim and Drew will receive some bad news, and teasers indicate that Oscar could have another seizure, except this one might be worse than any other he’s had. Josslyn will also place a call to her mom Carly, which could mean she’ll need her support.

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3. Peter Gets Some Help

GH spoilers indicate that Anna will be there for Peter this coming week, helping him out with something. He might need some love advice when it comes to his relationship with Maxie, so perhaps these two will bond some more, as he aids him in his love life woes in the next few days ahead.

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2. Maxie Struggles

Speaking of, GH spoilers indicate that Maxie will struggle with her feelings this coming week. As BFF Lulu has been planting the idea of a potential relationship with Chet, there’s a good possibility that Maxie may start to listen up. This may not be good news for Peter, and will surely place a wedge between the two.

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1. More Spoilers!

Jordan will receive an important update this coming week, while Dr. Hamilton makes a bold move. Meanwhile, Franco will feel confrontational about something … could he be gearing up for a fight? Lastly, GH spoilers indicate that JaSam will sneak some alone time in the next few days; Michael will need Sonny’s help; and Valentin will tell a lie. What else is new?

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