General Hospital Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (October 11 – 22, 2021)

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Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! What should viewers expect to see in the land of Port Charles over the next couple of weeks? Spencer apologizes, while Jax and Sonny form an alliance. Also, Britt is at her wit’s end. Learn about these storylines and others in the below GH spoilers for October 11th to October 22nd, 2021.

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12. Spencer Tries To Apologize

GH spoilers for the week of October 11th indicate that Spencer will try to apologize to someone. Could this be his dad? Will Nikolas even listen to his son? Speaking of, as the days progress, Nik will get some advice from Ava. As the weekend hits, Spence will have a hard decision to make, while Esme will appeal to Nik’s softer side to get what she wants.

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11. Teen Scene Drama 

Speaking of Spencer and Esme, the Port Charles’ teen scene will deal with some major drama over the next two weeks. Josslyn and Cameron will find themselves disagreeing about something in the coming days, while Trina will be taken aback by her feelings. As the weekend approaches, Joss and Carly will have a heart-to-heart.

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10. Sonny and Jax Form An Alliance

These two? On the same page? Has heck frozen over? GH spoilers for the week of October 11th suggest that Jax and Sonny will form an alliance. Could they decide it’s better for all involved if no one knows about “Mike” and Nina’s relationship? Speaking of Reeves, she’ll face some consequences for her actions over the coming days. Sounds like Phyllis may visit her.

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9. Jason Stops Carly

Across town, GH spoilers for the week of October 11th imply that Jason will stop Carly from doing something she’ll regret. As the days go by, Sonny will confront Jason about something. Will things get heated between these two? Lastly, things will take an unexpected turn when Carly is forced to make a choice.

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8. Sonny Lays Out Some Ground Rules

GH spoilers state that Sonny will “lay out” some ground rules for Nina in the coming days, so they can both move forward. Speaking of “moving forward”, added teasers note that Carly and Sonny will decide to sit down for a long chat about what they do next. Is this about their relationship or “mob” business?

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7. Britt’s At Her Wit’s End

GH spoilers for the week of October 18th reveal that Britt will be at the end of her rope and unsure of what to do next. Added teasers indicate that she’ll weigh out her options, and choose the “lesser” of two evils. By the time the weekend hits, Britt will look for help from an unlikely person. Could it be Jason? As the week of October 18th rolls around, she and “Stone Cold” will head to Greece.

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6. Robert’s Discovery

Speaking of Greece, GH spoilers for the week of October 11th state that Robert Scorpio will make a stunning discovery. Does this have to do with Drew or Victor? Speaking of Cassadine, added teasers for the week of October 18th note that Victor will do something very diabolical. Does this involve his “prisoners”, or possibly Peter August?

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5. Anna Makes A Choice

The action will continue in Greece during the week of October 18th as GH spoilers note that Anna Devane will be forced to make a decision. Could this involve choosing to save some prisoners, but not all of them? With Britt and Jason in Greece as well, here’s hoping that Drew, Valentin and Liesl can all be saved and brought back to Port Chuckles!

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4. Shawn Turns To Jax

GH spoilers for the week of October 11th suggest that Shawn will approach Jax about Hayden and her disappearance. Will new evidence emerge? He’ll also go visit Alexis. Sounds like Butler will encourage her to see that she’s always had “the power” in her hands. Speaking of Ms. Davis, her nephew Nik will visit her, and she’ll take him to task.

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3. Austin’s World

GH spoilers for the week of October 11th note that Austin will connect with Jason. Will these two “Quartermaines” hit it off? As the days go by, added teasers hint that Austin will give Maxie Jones some advice. He will warn her to “proceed with caution”; however, will Jones end up doing this?

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2. Quartermaine Drama

Meanwhile, GH spoilers for the week of October 11th indicate that BLQ will decide to take things to the “next level”. Does this have to do with Chase, her scheme with Maxie, or her hate-on for Austin? In added teasers for the week of October 18th, Willow will be worried about Michael.

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1. More Spoilers!

Rounding out GH spoilers for the week of October 11th, Sasha and Brando will welcome a visitor… is this baby related, or a visit from Gladys? Meanwhile, added teasers for the week of October 18th hint that Portia and Curtis will be followed by a mystery man. Who could this be and why is he following them?

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