General Hospital Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (November 30 – December 11, 2020)

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Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! What’s on tap for the next two weeks in the land of Port Charles? More aftermath from the Floating Rib explosion, some late Thanksgiving family celebrations, and Cyrus could become a target. Learn about these storylines and others in the GH spoilers for November 30 to December 11, 2020.

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12. Gathering Families For Thanksgiving

With all that happened last week, it seemed as if GH forgot it was American Thanksgiving! Alas, there still will be family celebrations that take place in Port Charles earlier the week of November 30th. Better late than never! According to GH spoilers, the Corinthos clan will gather, with Alexis invited to that dinner, and the Quartermaines will be doing their dinner, with a special guest set to join them.

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11. Welcome Back, Tracy!

GH spoilers indicate that Tracy Quartermaine is set to arrive in Port Charles this week to take part in the Quartermaine Thanksgiving dinner! Actress Jane Elliot will reprise the role, and it seems as if Tracy might stay for the Christmas season, too; however, her run this time around is still sure to be short and sweet. Elliot has retired after all! Added teasers for the show suggest that Olivia will decide to play some matchmaking with two unsuspecting guests. What could this be about?

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10. Sonny and Jason Ponder

GH spoilers tease that Jason and Sonny will think about what comes next this week. Learning about Julian’s involvement with the Wiley baby switch, plus all that has gone down with the Floating Rib situation and Cyrus’ role, the two are ready to strike; however, who do they target first? In related news, Diane will discover something about Renault’s past during the week of December 7th.

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9. Dante and Laura

Over at the hospital, GH spoilers hint that Laura and Dante won’t see eye-to-eye about something. This probably has to do with Lulu’s condition. While they’ll be coming from opposite sides, both love and care for Lulu, so both opinions will be coming from a good place. In other teasers, Sam will recall something this week.

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8. Curtis Realizes Something

GH spoilers for the week of November 30th imply that Curtis will realize Laura has not been telling the entire story. Will he finally learn about Laura’s past and why Cyrus is so interested in her? In other Curtis teasers, he’ll head out of Port Charles this week to follow a lead. Added spoilers for the week of December 7th state that Scotty Baldwin will see an old familiar face. This person might be connected to him and Laura.

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7. Portia’s World

GH spoilers for this week state that Portia will have an update on a patient. With Sasha, Lulu, and Franco all touch-and-go, who will Portia update on, and will they be okay? In other Portia news, Jordan will turn to her for help, and the women will also open up to each other in the coming days.

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6. Michael and Willow

Speaking of Sasha, GH preview videos for this week, and spoilers for next week, seem to indicate she’ll be okay. In fact, Willow and Michael will have a chat about their future. Now that they know the truth, will they still want to be together? Teasers for the week of December 7th suggest that Brando will try to get through to Sasha. Despite all that she has suffered from when it comes to drugs, will she continue to use?

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5. Josslyn Turns To Sam

Losing Oscar and now Dev, Joss will be grieving hard this week, and she’ll turn to Sam in the coming days to open up to. Added GH spoilers reveal that Trina will be eager to talk to Joss the week of November 30th and share some news. In other teasers for the week of December 7th, Alexis will make a bad judgment call.

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4. Ava Is Not Pleased

Over to the Jeromes, GH spoilers reveal that Ava won’t be pleased with her brother at all this week. He’s messed up on so many different levels last week, and in the coming days, Ava will have something major to face due to this. As the days go by, Ava and Nik will have a meeting. Do they help Julian get out of town, or do they let him fend for himself? A GH preview video for the week reveals that Ava will kick Jerome out of the mansion, so it seems as if Julian will have to deal with all this on his own.

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3. Maxie and Peter

This week, GH spoilers state that Maxie and Brando will have an encounter while Finn is caught off guard. Added teasers for the week of December 7th note that Maxie will be looking at her future with Peter, and it seems like she’ll want to push the button on it all at a much faster pace.

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2. Taggert Clashes

GH spoilers for the week of November 30th state that Carly and Taggert will clash, and he’ll have zero issues lashing out at Ms. Corinthos. As the days go by, Carly will make her disdain for Julian crystal clear. In other teasers, Nina will feel empathetic around what another character is going through.

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1. Martin Will Be Busy

Rounding out GH spoilers for the week of November 30th, there will be a ton of scenes with lawyer Martin! First off, he’ll argue with Valentin about something, while also taking the time to pass a document on to Elizabeth at some point. As the days go by, Martin will be taken aback by someone unexpected.

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