General Hospital Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (December 14 – 25, 2020)

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Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! The next two weeks promise to be explosive in the land of Port Charles! Tracy’s in over her head, while Julian gets an offer from Sonny. Also, Liesl must make some changes. Find out about these storylines and others by checking out the GH spoilers for December 14 to December 25, 2020.

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13. Tracy’s In Over Her Head

GH spoilers for the week of December 14th reveal that Tracy will be in over her head. The “plan” she’s concocted will blow up in her face, as photos also suggest that Chase will find her and Alexis in a car together. In added teasers, Alexis will trust the wrong person this week.

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12. Julian’s World

GH spoilers hint that Julian will be given an offer from Sonny that he won’t be able to refuse. As the days go by, Julian will do all he can to escape, and even turn to a stranger for help. Does Jerome get away scot-free this week? Seems as if this could be the last fans see of Julian for a while.

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11. Jason Wins

Speaking of Sonny, GH spoilers hint that Jason will clear a path for his mob friend. Meanwhile, he’ll also give Brick a call for some help in the coming days. Rounding out teasers, when all is said and done, Jason will end the week feeling victorious. Does he get rid of Julian Jerome for good?

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10. Laura’s Stuck In A Dire Situation

Across town, GH spoilers for this week reveal that Laura will be stuck in a dire circumstance. Will Cyrus corner her? Added teasers for the week of December 21s indicate that Laura will reject the concept that she and Cyrus hold any common ground. Speaking of Renault, he’ll try and get Britt to help him out with a plan.

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9. Martin Is Taken Aback

GH spoilers hint that Martin will be taken aback this week when he finds something unexpected. He’ll also take the time to share a compelling story with Valentin. Does the lawyer tell Cassadine about his links to Cyrus? In other news, Diane will go out of her way to help a friend the week of December 21.

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8. Liesl Is Interested

GH spoilers for the week of December 14th imply that Liesl will hear some news that will intrigue her, while Scotty will make some demands. Meanwhile, GH teasers for the week of December 21st suggest that Obrecht will be forced to alter some things due to circumstances. Does this have to do with her plan to bring Peter down?

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7. Peter and Maxie

Speaking of, GH spoilers for the week of December 21st state that Peter and Maxie will find out if they are having a little boy or little girl. Do any fans want to start a pool? In added teasers, this coming week, Maxie will put Deception first. Does this have to do with what Sasha is going through?

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6. Michael and Chase

GH spoilers hint that Chase and Michael will run into each other while out the gym this week. Do they talk things out, or do they battle it out, considering the feelings they both have for Willow? In related teasers, Sasha will give Brando an earful the week of December 21st.

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5. Finn and Violet

GH spoilers reveal that Finn will be ready to move on this week. Could this be about his relationship with his dad? In other Finn news, Violet will have plenty of questions about something in the coming days. Will Anna have to answer to the little girl, or will Finn be able to provide some insight?

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4. Carly and Jordan

GH spoilers for the week of December 14th indicate that Carly will hear from Jordan in the coming days. What will Jordan need from Ms. Corinthos? Meanwhile, Sam and Carly will have another good conversation about things. Sam has to be feeling conflicted about her breakup with Jason, especially so close to the holidays.

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3. Curtis Goes Undercover

GH spoilers hint that Curtis will go undercover this week, as he looks for more answers. Could this have to do with the patient they’ve found in Vermont? All arrows seem to be pointing to the idea that this could be Cyrus’ mom. Will Curtis finally find the information he needs to understand what Renault is really up to?


2. Portia and Trina

GH spoilers suggest that Trina and Portia will head to PCPD this week. Could it be that Trina finally confides in her mom about what Renault told her? In other Trina news, she’ll be on Ava’s mind this coming week. Will Jerome reach out to her? Trina could use another friend right now.

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1. More Spoilers!

Rounding out GH spoilers for this coming week, Britt won’t allow Nikolas to escape … could this have to do with the “plan” she was supposed to help Cyrus with? Meanwhile, Dante will confide in Olivia about something. Could this be regarding Ned’s affair or the real reason he’s in Port Charles?

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