General Hospital Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (August 24 – September 4, 2020)

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Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! What can viewers expect to see on the soap opera within the next couple of weeks? More drama, more suspense, and more romance! Learn about all the different storylines that are set to fall down the pipe in the GH spoilers for the week of August 24 to September 4, 2020.

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13. Willow and Michael

Reeling off the realization that Wiley has gone missing, GH spoilers indicate that Willow will make an awful discovery on Monday. As the days go by, Michael will develop a theory around what has gone down, while Carly will stay by her son’s side throughout this entire ordeal, trying to help in any way that she can.

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12. Chase On The Case

GH spoilers seem to hint that Chase will be placed on Wiley’s case. He’ll have a lead of sorts this week, so hopefully he can find the child and return him as soon as possible. Wishful thinking, as it seems that this won’t be the case. Added teasers reveal that Willow will get support from an unlikely source, and Michael will still be quite anxious by week’s end.

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11. Willow & Chase’s Regrets

Whatever happens in the coming days, will have Willow and Chase doubting their decisions during the week of August 31st. GH spoilers for that week hint that Willow will regret what she’s done, while Chase will believe it’s time to come clean. Will Chase approach Willow and Michael and tell him that the affair between him and Sasha was a sham? In potentially related news, Carly will turn to Jax and confide in something … could this be about Chase and Sasha’s “affair” being bogus?

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10. Julian’s Choice

GH spoilers suggest that Julian will believe he is in a no-win situation as of this Monday. Not only has he kidnapped Wiley, but if he hurts Nelle, there may still be repercussions around his actions. With that said, related teasers reveal that Nelle will be at a disadvantage in the coming days. Perhaps Julian can get the better of her, or Brook Lynn ends up okay and spills the beans.

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9. Brook Lynn’s Condition

Speaking of, not many spoilers around what Brook Lynn’s condition may be after Nelle slashed her throat on Friday’s episode, but here’s hoping she can pull through and link Benson to kidnapping Wiley and her attack. GH teasers do relay that Ned and Olivia will be anxious, so here’s hoping she has a chance to survive Nelle’s attack. Being anxious might mean there’s a chance that Brook Lynn ends up being okay.

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8. Olivia’s Concern

Meanwhile, the week of August 31st will have Olivia concerned about Dante. The good news is that Robert will make her a promise, so here’s hoping he tells her she’ll get to see her son soon. In other related teasers, Ned’s efforts will be rejected next week. Could this be about ELQ or Olivia?

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7. Sonny Gets A Call

According to GH spoilers, Sonny will get a call about Mike this week, so perhaps his dad’s condition will continue to deteriorate. In other Sonny news, he’ll get the confirmation he needs in the coming days, so maybe a sign from his dad will make Corinthos feel as if he has made the right decision.

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6. A Special Day

By the week of August 31st, Sonny will pay a visit to Mike at Turning Woods, and it seems as if he’ll be planning something special for his dad in the coming days to make their final moments together last. Perhaps Mike offered up a hint of sorts to Sonny, and Corinthos will organize something accordingly.

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5. Nina’s World

This week, Nina will support someone in need, so this could be anyone from Carly (because of Wiley’s disappearance) to Jax. The week of August 31st should prove to be an interesting one for Nina, as GH spoilers tease that she’ll be that much closer to learning the truth. She may find out Nelle has the other half of the necklace, especially with everything that is going on with Benson.

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4. Spinelli Works On A Plan

Speaking of the truth coming out, GH spoilers reveal that Spinelli will devise a plan, and this most likely has to do with trapping Peter. The week of August 31st will not only have fans cheering Spinelli on, but by Friday, September 4th, he’ll have his suspicions confirmed. Peter’s days are numbered in Port Chuckles.

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3. Anna’s Issues

Anna will have to juggle a ton of balls the week of August 31st. First, she’ll get a chilling remark from Robert, and it’s clear that he could issue out a warning to her about Peter. As the days go by, Anna will get a phone call that will trouble her. She’ll feel conflicted as the weekend hits, but it seems as if Finn will be there to support her.

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2. Peter and Maxie

Will Peter be onto Spinelli and Robert? He’s been able to fall through the cracks quickly in the past. GH spoilers reveal that he and Maxie will enjoy a lovely afternoon together the week of August 31st, but as the days go by, he’ll approach Valentin about something. Could he use some help? Peter won’t be the only one reaching out to Cassadine that week, as Sam will lash out at him on Monday’s (31st) show.

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1. Alexis’ Rollercoaster Ride

The next two weeks for Alexis could be a bit of a rollercoaster. Sam will worry over her mom this week, and during the week of August 31st, Davis will reconnect with Neil; however, by the next day, she’ll feel heartbroken. As the week comes to close, Alexis will find herself pressing Sam about the truth, which may be linked to Sami’s selling of those ELQ shares.

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