General Hospital Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (April 20 – May 1, 2020)

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The land of Port Charles keeps buzzing with drama as General Hospital (GH) fans wonder what will happen next! Will Cyrus continue to intimidate everyone? Will Nina ever figure out that Nelle is her daughter? Will Michael and Willow decide to tie the knot for Wiley’s sake after all? Learn about what the next two weeks will bring by checking out the GH spoilers for April 20 to May 1, 2020.

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12. Friday Flashbacks

Before diving into all the juicy details, a reminder to GH fans that the soap opera will continue to air Friday Flashback episodes in order to prolong fresh shows that they can broadcast. Production for the daytime drama has come to a halt, which is why repeats are being shown on Fridays. The Friday, May 1 show is yet to be determined, but the April 24 show will spotlight the November 2018 episode where Sonny dreams of what a different life would look like.

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11. Sonny and Cyrus

GH spoilers indicate that Sonny will miss a meeting that he and Cyrus had planned for this week. What could unfold that causes him to do this? Hard to say, but it might have to do with Mike, as teasers also relay that something will unfold that leaves Corinthos taken aback. Will Cyrus do something in retaliation for this missed meeting?

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10. New One Planned

The good news is that Sonny may not suffer the consequences of missing his first meeting with Cyrus. GH spoilers for the following week indicate that Sonny and Cyrus will meet at some point, although this time around, Jason will join them. GH teasers also suggest that Sonny will turn to Jason and confide in him before the next meeting is set up, so perhaps Morgan is just the backup that Corinthos needs in this case.

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9. Willow and Michael

Willow gave Michael a “hard no” on that marriage proposal; however, will she start to re-think that decision? This coming week, GH spoilers state that Willow will be quite upset about something. Meanwhile, Michael will be so concerned about Wiley, he’ll be hesitant to leave his side. Something could happen in the coming weeks to change Willow’s mind about marrying Michael.

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8. Chase And Willow Debate

According to GH spoilers, Willow and Chase will find themselves debating an issue. This teaser has to do with more than just having a difference of opinion on something trivial. It seems like there is a good chance they may be arguing over the pros and cons of Willow taking that plunge with Michael, and what it could mean for their relationship.

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7. Covering Up Lies

In other related Chase spoilers, Finn will see through Chase’s lies in the following week. Could Chase be making something up to hide his insecurities around Willow and Michael’s proposed fake marriage – or will he and Willow be “broken” up by that point, and covering everything up? Regardless, his brother Finn will see right through him.

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6. Carly Consoles

Meanwhile across town, GH spoilers relay that Carly will be comforting Michael about something near the end of April. Between Wiley’s illness, custody battle, and Nelle, he has a ton on his plate. Not to mention the fact that his attempt to marry Willow has failed. Perhaps, Carly can come up with a plan to help reassure him.

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5. Teen Drama

A lot will be going on with Port Charles’ teen scene in the next couple of weeks! First and foremost, Dev will become suspicious of someone … could this be about Brando? Additionally, GH spoilers tease that Trina and Cameron will try and move forward from all they have been through recently. Here’s hoping they can take a positive step forward from all this. In related news, Jordan will ponder quitting this coming week. Will she go through with it?

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4. Molly Confesses

Speaking of Brando, GH spoilers state that Molly will turn to sister Kristina and confide in her about something. Will she tell her about her little romp with Brando? Related teasers about the Davis ladies, Sam will extend an olive branch to Alexis and apologize in the coming days. Will mom accept? Most likely!

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3. Lulu’s World

Lulu will be all over the place during the next couple of weeks. First, GH spoilers reveal that she’ll get a nice pep talk from mom, probably reassuring her that about Charlotte’s behavior and Valentin’s influence. Next, teasers for the show state Lulu will come to a point where she is rushing to get to Crimson (and fast) … could Nina be spending time with Charlotte when an issue or emergency arises?

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2. Nelle and Nina

Speaking of Nina, GH spoilers suggest that Nina will start to learn more about Nelle in the coming weeks. Will the two have a bonding session, or will Nina just find out more things through working together and maybe talking to others? Could it be that she finds out more bad things about the young lady, or does she start to understand where Benson is coming from? Only time will tell!

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1. More Spoilers!

Rounding out GH teasers for the next two weeks, Robert will have some grave news to share while Valentin will be caught off guard by something (or someone). Could Charlotte do something that takes Cassadine aback? Her behavior has been quite shady lately! Lastly, Julian grabs the attention of someone not too welcoming, and Sam will cross Brando.

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