General Hospital: Spoilers For September 2022

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Goodbye August, hello September! What should General Hospital (GH) fans expect to see unfold in the land of Port Charles during the next four weeks? The aftermath of Ava’s stabbing will take center stage. Meanwhile, Joss will find herself in Dex’s orbit, as the search for Esme continues. Learn about these storylines and others in the below GH spoilers for September 2022.

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10. Jordan’s On The Case

GH spoilers for early September hint that Jordan will be on a case. This could be Ava’s stabbing or the search for Esme (or both), so it’s difficult to decipher which one she’s focused on. With that said, she will be demanding answers from Victor Cassadine at one point, as added teasers imply that he’ll do all he can to “avoid” her questions. Is he involved in Ava’s stabbing?

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9. TJ Helps

An interesting GH spoiler for September suggests that TJ will offer up a clue to Jordan that could help crack a case. If Ava does not pass away but is hospitalized, and TJ is her tending physician, he could provide insight into the impact of her stabbing, upon viewing her wound. This could help give Jordan a clue about a specific suspect.

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8. Victor Versus Sonny

Speaking of Victor Cassadine, a new rivalry could be brewing, with GH September spoilers hinting that he will butt heads with Sonny Corinthos. Could this be about Nikolas, or is the mob boss trying to get to the bottom of Ava’s incident? Sonny and Ava aren’t exactly friends, but they do have a daughter who binds them. Avery’s despair over her mom may inspire Sonny to take the matter into his own hands.

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7. What’s Victor Up To Now?

As the weeks go by, GH spoilers note that Sonny will reveal some suspicions he has about Victor to Nikolas. Could it be that the Cassadine patriarch is involved in Ava’s stabbing? Why else would the mob boss have a vested interest, and even inform Nikolas about it? Lastly, Lucy might want to watch her step, as added teasers warn she could be “flirting” with disaster when she tries to have a warm chat with Victor.

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6. The Search For Esme

Sounds like the search for Esme Prince will continue in September. As people look for the young lady, GH spoilers also reveal that long-buried secrets will surface. While the truth about her one-night stand with Nikolas recently came to light, does this teaser imply that fans will learn more about her parents?

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5. Mac and Felicia

Do any other GH fans out there get the feeling that Mac and Felicia are somehow linked to Esme? Either both could be her bio parents, or just Felicia. Then again, there also seems to be some sort of connection between Mac and Cody, who happens to be Dominique Stanton’s son. Dominique and Mac did date at one point… so could Mr. Bell really be a Scorpio? Regardless, a spoiler for September hints that Felicia will mull over a particularly puzzling fact and come up with a theory. Does this have to do with Cody or Esme?

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4. Josslyn, Cam and Dex?

GH spoilers for September indicate that Josslyn will find herself in Dex’s orbit. How will Cameron react? Moreover, how will Michael react? In other news, Cam will try to surprise Josslyn, but will he be given a surprise of his own? Will Josslyn and Cameron break up next month, thanks to Dex?

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3. Michael’s Back

Speaking of Michael, actor Chad Duell temporarily stepped away from the role due to health-related issues this summer. As such, actor Robert Adamson (ex-Noah Newman, Y&R) had to step in. GH spoilers hint that OG Michael (a.k.a. Chad Duell) will likely return for good this September. Who’s looking forward to seeing the Michael they’re accustomed to back onscreen?

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2. Problems For Michael and Willow?

GH spoilers suggest that Willow will make a major decision, and she’ll share it with Michael. However, she’s been keeping a lot of information from her baby daddy as of late, so will she tell him everything? Willow has pondered postponing chemotherapy until she’s further along to protect their baby. If she informs Michael of this, he may not be too pleased. Could issues arise for these two in September? In other news, Willow will have a terrible nightmare; could it foreshadow things to come?

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1. Will Sonny and Nina Survive?

These two keep having issues on top of issues! Can their romance survive into September? GH spoilers state that Sonny will demand answers from Nina, early on in the month. How will she take his aggressive stance with her? In other teasers, Nina will once again have to face up to her past.

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