General Hospital: Spoilers For October 2020

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It’s the spookiest month of the year, and it just might also be the most dramatic in the land of Port Charles! What’s on tap for General Hospital (GH) fans in October? There will be some major character returns and secrets revealed. Also, a character will struggle with her present and past. Learn about these storylines and others in the GH spoilers for October 2020.

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12. A Major Character Return

Remember Jackie Templeton? Originally played by actress Demi Moore in the early 1980s (and someone who was an old flame of Robert’s), the character is set for a major return! Except, she’ll come with a new face. Actor Tristan Rogers (Robert) recently revealed that Templeton was headed back to the land of Port Chuckles via a fan Cameo video. But wait, there’s more …

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11. Old Character, New Face

It was reported in September that actress Kim Delaney (Jenny Gardner on All My Children) was set to join the cast of GH and soon; however, the role she was stepping into was a bit of a mystery … until now! Delany will be recast in the Jackie Templeton role, bringing a new twist to the part. Stay tuned fans, Robert’s world is about to get rocked!

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10. Gladys’ Coming Back

Actress Bonnie Burroughs, who played Gladys Corbin, will be reprising her GH role this month. According to spoilers, she’ll return to the land of Port Charles the week of October 12th. What could Gladys be up to now that Mike has passed away? What could she want from Sonny or Brando? You’ll have to tune in to find out!

9. Carly and Nina

Carly and Nina will continue to get a little closer in October. It’s always hard for Carly to bond with other women, especially women who are linked to her exes, so the fact that she and Nina have become friends is huge. Too bad this “friendship” is headed for doom.

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8. Nina Taken Aback

GH spoilers indicate that Nina will struggle with accepting something after an unexpected turn of events. Could she learn the truth about everything? She’ll likely find out Nelle is her daughter in October, but it’ll take some time before she finds out Carly and Jax’s role in Nelle’s passing (if she has “passed on” – you never know in the land of daytime drama).

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7. Lulu Is Focused

GH spoilers hint that Lulu will be focused on exposing Cyrus in the coming weeks, and determined that her story is written and goes to print. Is she playing with fire? Cyrus is a dangerous man, but knowing Lulu, she’ll fluff that off. She not only wants to bring him down, but she’s also thinking about her career.

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6. Lulu, Dustin, and Dante

Dante is headed to Port Charles with instructions, and it won’t take long for him to see just how much the little town has changed. GH spoilers for the coming weeks indicate that Lulu will take the next step with Dustin, and they’ll move in together. Upon Dante’s return, she’ll struggle with the present and the past.

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5. Jason and Sonny Try To Take Cyrus Down

Back to Cyrus, Jason and Sonny may spend the early parts of October devising a plan against Renault. GH spoilers suggest that Jason will have something for Sonny in the coming weeks. It might be a case where the two have to wait for a good time to strike. Zero room for error on this one.

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4. Willow and Michael

GH spoilers are teasing adoption plans for Willow this month. She’ll ponder the idea of adopting Wiley in the early weeks of October, and may have some reservations; however, it seems as if Michael will convince her to move forward with it. It’ll unite this family as one, and make the couple stronger than ever.

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3. Brook Lynn’s New Opportunity

Can Brook Lynn be given a new lease on life? In the next couple of weeks, GH spoilers hint that Monica will surprise her with something. As time wears on, Brook Lynn will see a new opportunity on the horizon. Seems as if she may follow a new path, now that her singing career may be over.

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2. Sasha and Valentin

GH spoilers reveal that Sasha will open up to Valentin in early October. Could these two become better “friends” or even a couple? It would be very interesting to see this occur, especially with Michael out of the picture. Also, Nina’s reaction could be interesting. Both need a new romance, and they could find this in each other.

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1. Molly’s World

Molly will work hard to squash the up-and-coming bromance between TJ and Brando. GH spoilers reveal she’ll encourage TJ to focus on the “them” and “their future,” which could mean she may discourage a friendship with Brando. If TJ and Brando are tight, TJ could learn about their affair. Molly can’t chance that.

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