General Hospital: Spoilers For May 2022

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It’s May sweeps in the land of Port Charles! What should General Hospital (GH) viewers expect to see unfold during the next four weeks or so? Carly’s on a mission, while Sonny and Nina get closer. Plus, Ryan will push Esme to kick things up a notch (or five). Learn about these storylines and others in the below GH spoilers for May 2022.

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12. Carly’s On A Mission

GH spoilers for May indicate that Carly will be on a mission. She’s got an inkling that Nina is Willow’s bio mom, but she’ll be determined to confirm the entire thing. Added teasers imply that the former Mrs. Corinthos will try to hide this information from Michael’s girlfriend. Even so, secrets have a way of coming out in Port Charles, so Carly could find herself in a heap of trouble when everything is revealed.

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11. Sonny And Nina

Speaking of Nina, GH spoilers for May sweeps suggest that she and Sonny will continue to grow closer, despite the issues they are having with his family. Added teasers state that tensions will rise between the couple as Wiley’s visitation battle gears up. Can Sonny and Nina survive this bump in the road? Only time will tell.

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10. Ryan’s Impatient

Over at the facility, GH spoilers reveal that Ryan will grow impatient with Esme. In fact, he’ll push his darling daughter to kick things up a notch when it comes to their scheme. This likely means she’ll lay the manipulation on thick when it comes to Ava, Nik and Spencer. However, her downfall is coming soon.

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9. Spencer’s Plan

GH spoilers for May sweeps state that Spencer will work hard to “trip” Esme up in the hopes of clearing Trina’s name. Sadly, added teasers note that this will take some time. There’s also a possibility that Ms. Prince could outwit her boyfriend. In other news, Trina will get closer to new cop, Rory Cabrera.

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8. A Romance Is Strained

Across town, GH spoilers suggest that Cam will keep Spencer’s secret, but he’ll still hesitate about it. Added teasers note that keeping this information under wraps will place a strain on his romance with Josslyn. Unfortunately, between the videotape scandal and Spencer, Joss and Cam will struggle in May. Can their relationship survive?

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7. Maxie And Austin

GH spoilers for May reveal that Austin and Maxie will experience some woes, due to Jones’s newfound wealth. It’s great that Deception has turned into a full-blown success, but it seems as if BLQ’s worry (about this becoming an issue for them) may come to fruition. Speaking of Brook Lynn, she and Chase will continue to deal with obstacles, and added teasers hint that a “familiar face from the past” will create more issues between them.

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6. Liz’s Stalker Situation

GH spoilers suggest that Finn and Elizabeth won’t see eye-to-eye on her stalker situation. Liz will believe it’s Franco sending her a message, and she’ll consult with a medium. Meanwhile, Finn will think that there has to be a more logical explanation. In other couples’ news, Dante’s past will come back to haunt him, as Sam stumbles upon some stunning discoveries.

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5. ELQ Drama

Over at the Quartermaine mansion, GH spoilers reveal that Ned will not be on the same page about the Aurora Media and ELQ merger. Sounds like he’ll go toe-to-toe with Michael and Drew on this. Can this family ever unite for the greater good? In other news, Britt Westbourne’s life will come crashing down in a major way.

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4. Victor’s World

GH spoilers for May sweeps state that Victor will be a busy bee. He’ll continue to plot his “explosive” plan, but he’ll also remain a thorn in Laura’s side as she tries to bring her family together. Added teasers hint that Alexis will try to focus on The Invader, but a past foe will get in the way. Seems like Victor may want to use the publication for his own agenda.

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3. Anna’s Not Done Yet

GH spoilers note that Anna will not be happy with the answers she’s found around Luke’s passing. In fact, it sounds like Devane will continue to dig. Added teasers state that she’ll continue to reflect on her feelings for Valentin, and the two will try to figure out what their next step is. In other news, Mac and Felicia will suffer from a misunderstanding, but it’ll also lead to something positive and a chat about “what’s next”.

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2. More Stunning Revelations About Marshall

GH spoilers hint that Marshall’s story in Port Charles is far from over. Some stunners are on the horizon for Curtis, as his dad’s complicated history will be revealed. Speaking of Curtis, things could get chaotic between him, Portia and Jordan, as his ex-wife recalls Portia’s old confession about Trina’s bio dad. In other news, Ms. Wu will continue to work on gaining more power in Port Charles’s mob scene, so Sonny had better watch out!

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1. Relationship Are Tested

GH spoilers indicate that Sasha and Brando’s relationship will be tested, as the fallout of Harmony’s accident unfolds. In addition, Chet and Terry will continue to grow closer, until the beauty realizes that her new boyfriend is Amy’s brother! Unfortunately, the hostility will get worse between the doctor and nurse, which means Chet might feel like he’s in the middle.

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