General Hospital: Spoilers For June 2021

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As fans say “goodbye” to May and “hello” to June, new storylines are set to pop up in Port Charles, while others come to a close. Maxie tries to make the best out of a bad situation, while Laura is shaken. Also, could Peter finally get the justice he deserves? Learn about these storylines and others in the below General Hospital (GH) spoilers for June 2021.

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12. Maxie’s World

GH spoilers imply that Maxie will make the best of a bad situation in June. Was her baby-swap plan with BLQ successful? It’ll be awful not being “close” to her baby; however, knowing that the little one is safe with a friend might offer her some comfort. After all, this is a “short-term” thing, right?

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11. Peter’s Up To No Good

Speaking of Maxie’s baby, might her baby daddy finally come to justice this month? GH spoilers hint that Anna will be suspicious of Peter August, early on in the month. As time goes by, he’ll be backed into a corner, and there will be a point where Finn unloads on August in June. Added teasers note that Peter will “still hold” Chase’s life in his hands.

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10. Laura’s Shaken

Across town, GH spoilers indicate that Laura will be shaken this coming month. Could this be about Peter’s article? As time moves on, she and hubby Kevin will have an emotional conversation. In added teasers, someone will issue a threat to Laura’s life. Cyrus has to be behind all this!

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9. Spencer’s Return?

GH spoilers had implied that Spencer would return in May; however, this has yet to happen. Could his comeback have been pushed back a little bit? Could he be returning in June? Could he be behind the threat against Laura? Anything is possible! Whoever it might be could make it seem like it’s coming from Ryan Chamberlain. That would be a great way to deflect it all.

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8. Britt’s Goodbye

Actress Kelly Thiebaud is set to exit GH soon, for a very short while. The actress hopped on social media to let fans know that she’d be off for a bit, as she (falsely) tested positive for COVID-19. This means a quarantine for two weeks, as part of pandemic guidelines for filming. Britt will likely exit sometime in the first or second week of June for a small amount of time.

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7. Britt’s Stunned

Could Britt be kidnapped? Is there a way that Cyrus or Peter could find her? That would be an easy way to write her off-canvas for a short while. GH spoilers for June state that something will catch Britt Westbourne off guard, early on in the month. This might be a way for her to exit storylines without really “leaving” the show.

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6. JaSam Update

Will Britt’s exit affect Jason? Could he decide to follow Westbourne (and take some time off-canvas, too), or will he do his own thing? GH spoilers reveal that Jason and Sam will hit a “crossroads” within their romantic lives. While they’ve both been pursuing separate romances (somewhat), could this make them realize how much better they are together versus apart?

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5. New Character Alert

All My Children veteran, Cameron Mathison, is headed to GH very soon. Deadline revealed that the actor has officially joined the soap opera and is set to debut in a new and mysterious role. No other details have been provided; however, it’s hard not to speculate that Mathison’s character could enter the land of Port Charles in June.

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4. Nina Pays A High Price

GH spoilers for June reveal that Nina will pay quite a price for hiding the truth. Does this mean that “Mike” will learn his identity this month? How far will she go in the coming weeks? How will the truth come out? In somewhat related teasers, Jax decides to confide in Olivia. What could this be all about?

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3. Willow Is Confronted

Could Chase learn the truth about Willow and Michael next month? GH spoilers suggest that Finn will confront Willow about something, and there’s a good chance that the couple gets “caught” by Hamilton or Harrison. Added teasers hint that their conversation will get “intense”. Finn will still be struggling to find an antidote for Chase by early June, so he’ll be on pins and needles. Seeing Willow with Michael could set him off.

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2. Millow Update

As time wears on, GH spoilers indicate that that Willow will be sympathetic about a situation. Could this have to do with Chase, or perhaps everything that Sasha and Brando are going through? Meanwhile, added teasers suggest that Michael will get a phone call that catches him off guard. Could “Mike” or Nina reach out, by accident?

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1. Curtis Is Shaken

Across town, GH spoilers note that Curtis will also get a phone call in early June, which will leave him shaken. He’ll be so shaken that shortly after, he’ll reach out to Jordan. Could this have to do with TJ or Shawn Butler? Added teasers hint that Jordan will feel very restless after she chats with Curtis. Are these two really “over”?

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