General Hospital: Spoilers For July 2021

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As we say “goodbye” to June and welcome July in the land of Port Charles, the storylines on General Hospital (GH) will continue to heat up. Will Sonny pay a visit to his hometown? Will Joss and Cam start a new chapter? Plus, some unexpected new romances are possible on the horizon! Learn more about these storylines and others in the below GH spoilers for July 2021.

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12. Will Sonny Return To Port Charles?

GH spoilers imply that Nina will be reflective in early July. She’ll feel “conflicted” about her future, which might have her deciding to stay in Port Charles for now. This is great news for Wiley, as well as her other friends in the little town; however, how will “Mike” feel if she moves forward without him?

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11. Phyllis Encourages “Mike” To Pay Nina A Visit

Sounds like Nina could decide to stay in Port Charles for a while longer. GH spoilers for July hint that Phyllis will encourage “Mike” to pay Reeves a visit to the little town. Will he gain the courage to do so, or cop-out at the last minute? There are added teasers that suggest he might take the leap to go see Nina this month.

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10. Prodigal Son Returns

There’s a cryptic GH spoiler that indicates there’s a chance “Mike” could return to Port Charles. The teaser notes that a “prodigal” son will return and “open” old wounds. Could this be about Sonny? Added teasers for later down the road hint that Nina will pay a high price for holding back the truth. If Sonny does return, and everyone learns what she’s done, she may not only lose “Mike” but the chance to be in Wiley’s life, too.

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9. Drew Cain Comes Back

Then again, that aforementioned GH spoiler may be about Drew Cain returning. According to Soap Central, rumors have been buzzing that All My Children alum actor Cameron Mathison will play the Drew Cain character sometime this summer. Could Drew be the “prodigal son” that’s coming back to Port Charles? Could this happen in July?

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8. Carly and Jason Partner Up

Meanwhile, before “Mike” returns, could Jason and Carly come together to fight the mob families in Port Charles, and keep their business interests safe? In doing so, Jason may alienate his new love, Britt. Some GH spoilers tease this, as Carly will gather the Corinthos clan in early July. Perhaps she has an announcement?

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7. New Romance On The Horizon?

If Jason is focused on the business, he may have to drift away from Britt — for her safety. GH spoilers for July hint that Britt and Jax may become “friendly”. They’ll have a run-in at Charlie’s, and also decide to celebrate the Fourth of July together. Will watching fireworks create some sparks between these two?

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6. Cameron and Josslyn

GH spoilers for July indicate that Joss and Cameron will set the record straight. Added teasers imply that they might also start a new chapter together. Could these two clear up their friendship issues, and possibly put the past behind them? Sounds like they will, but it also sounds as if a romance might be on the horizon.

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5. Sibling Rivalry?

While Cameron sets things right with Josslyn, he’ll be working to do the same with Jake and Jason. GH spoilers note that he’ll formally apologize to Jason and Jake in July. Sounds like Stone Cold will gladly forgive Cam. Meanwhile, added teasers imply that Jake might be a little more stubborn. Could this launch a sibling rivalry storyline this summer?

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4. Anna and Valentin

Could fans finally see a romantic connection evolve between these two? GH spoilers hint that viewers will see sparks fly between Anna and Valentin as the two “get caught up” in a moment! Will they run with this, or hold back? They’ll be on a mission together, so they could feel as if they should “stay” focused on the task at hand!


3. BLQ and Maxie

Seems like the same-old, same-old between these two baby mommas! GH July spoilers suggest that Brook Lynn and Maxie will continue to work together to keep things hidden about Baby Louise. As they believe that Peter is still alive, they’ll remain vigilant to keep the true identity of the child hidden.

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2. New Hospital Chief Of Staff

Will Britt be replaced now that Monica is in charge? GH spoilers hint that a new COS will be announced sometime in July. While Terry and Britt are in the running, there’s a good chance that Portia may throw her hat into the ring soon. When all is said and done, it seems as if Terry might score the hospital role. GH July spoilers indicate that Terry will hope Portia will support her. Could this be about the COS position? Will Portia be resentful if Terry wins the job?

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1. It’s A Family Affair!

GH spoilers indicate that TJ, Molly, Alexis and Shawn will continue to dig into Butler’s shooter case and Judge Carson. Look for Molly to play a key role in uncovering information, with TJ by her side. Plus, Alexis will have some emotional moments this month, as she continues to struggle in solitary confinement.

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