General Hospital: Spoilers For Fall 2022

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The weather gets cooler, the trees change colors, and the drama explodes! As the fall season hits in the land of Port Charles, what should General Hospital (GH) fans expect to see happen over the next three months? A major character will return to the canvas, while Anna and Valentin aim to bring Victor down. Plus, fears will rise over Ava and Brando’s attacker. Learn about these storylines and others in the below GH spoilers for Fall 2022.

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12. Holly Sutton Returns

GH fall spoilers hint that Holly Sutton will return to Port Charles, as legendary soap actress Emma Samms reprises the iconic role. Added teasers imply that as soon as she re-enters the little town, a new adventure will arise for at least one character on the canvas. Could that one character be none other than her long-lost love, Robert Scorpio?

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11. Laura Comes Back

Port Charles’s beloved mayor, Laura Collins, will also return to town as actress Genie Francis pops back up into GH storylines. Added fall spoilers indicate that Laura will come back and instantly find herself in a mystery. Will this have to do with Victor Cassadine or possibly Ava’s hook slasher incident? Fans will have to tune in to find out.

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10. Keep Your Eyes Open At All Times

Speaking of Ava’s attack, GH fall spoilers note that this incident will continue to be investigated in the weeks ahead. In fact, added teasers state that there will be lingering fears that the hook slasher could go after another victim. Will there be another attempted attack soon? Who was behind Ava and Brando’s stabbings?

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9. “Vanna” Aims To Take Victor Down

Across town, GH fall spoilers reveal that Valentin and Anna will continue to plot against Victor. As they both know how far Cassadine will go, the two won’t be above using the same dirty tactics he uses. Will they decide to kidnap someone who’s close to Victor’s heart? Does Victor even have a heart?

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8. Cody’s World

GH fall spoilers suggest that Cody will have a major choice in front of him. He’ll need to choose between his past or Britt Westbourne. With actress Kelly Thiebaud exiting the show soon, it’ll be interesting to see what Bell decides. In other Cody news, Mr. Bell will pose a threat to Sam and Dante’s relationship. But how?

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7. Trina and Rory Get Closer

GH fall spoilers reveal that Trina will get that much closer to Rory in the weeks ahead, now that Spencer is away in Pentonville. Added teasers hint that she’ll try to ignore her feelings for Cassadine, but how long will she be able to keep up the charade now that she knows the truth about his intentions?

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6. Cameron, Josslyn and Dex

Speaking of the town’s younger couples, GH spoilers indicate that Josslyn and Cameron will try to get their romance back on track now that the truth about Spencer’s plan was revealed. But will they get back to where they were, or could Dex derail their romance plans altogether? There seems to be a certain chemistry between Carly’s daughter and Sonny’s new henchman.

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5. Carly’s Life-Changing Experience

Over to Carly, GH fall spoilers state that a life-changing experience will have her re-evaluating everything. Is this about her recent travel plans, or could something else happen? Will she inch closer to a romance with Drew, or decide to stay far away? Could she potentially realize she’s still in love with Sonny? Maybe she’ll finally decide to tell Nina the truth about Willow.

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4. Nina’s Concern

Speaking of Sonny, GH spoilers for the fall suggest that Nina will worry about an element in Sonny’s life. Although she’ll want to say something about it, added teasers state she’ll worry that it could place a wedge in their already unstable relationship. What is Nina so concerned about, and can she and Sonny make it through the long haul?

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3. Will Alexis Fall Off The Wagon?

Meanwhile, GH fall spoilers hint that Alexis could fall off the wagon and turn back to alcohol. Added teasers imply that she’ll be “pushed” in many different directions this season, from love and family concerns to work stresses. Will her increased stress levels have her running towards the bottle? Only time will tell.

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2. Will Austin Ruin His Chances With Maxie?

GH fall spoilers state that Austin and Maxie’s romance could hit a bump in the road, and it’ll all be due to the “Mason” mystery. Added teasers reveal that fans will learn a lot more about the good doctor’s past, and how Mason and his family fit into it all. Will he come clean, or continue to try and hide things from his new girlfriend?

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1. Sasha’s Future

Lastly, GH spoilers for the fall season note that Sasha will be “forced” to make a huge decision when it comes to her future. Will she finally go to rehab? Then again, she may decide to end things with Brando and continue to spiral until she hits rock bottom. Here’s hoping she gets the help she needs.

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