General Hospital: Spoilers For Fall 2020

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New characters, major returns, plus a ton of drama is what’s on tap for fall in the land of General Hospital (GH)! Learn more about what will happen to CarSon, JaSam, the teens of Port Charles, plus the hospital (and so much more) in the GH spoilers for fall 2020.

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12. New Character Alert

Actress Kim Delaney is set to join the cast of GH, as reports have surfaced that she began taping scenes with the show early this month. Delaney, who played Jenny Gardner on All My Children, is set to arrive in the land of Port Chuckles sometime in late September or early October. Everyone is hush-hush around who she’ll be playing, so only time will tell.

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11. Major Return

Ethan Lovett, the lovechild of Luke Spencer and Holly Sutton, is set to return to GH sometime this fall, as actor Nathan Parsons will reprise the role. With everything that is going on around Holly’s so-called passing (and disappearance), it seems as he may jump into the action of this storyline. Fans should expect to see Lovett sometime in late September. 

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10. Lulu Will Be Conflicted

Dante is set to return to Port Charles soon, and GH spoilers for the fall state that Lulu will feel conflicted. She and Dustin will grow closer over the next couple of weeks, and when Falconeri strolls back into town, she’ll feel torn between the past and future. In other Lulu news, in the next couple of weeks, Lulu will visit Sonny to help console him.

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9. CarSon Issues

Speaking of, GH spoilers for the fall tease some issues between Carly and Sonny on the horizon. Not only will Sonny be mourning the loss of his father in a hard way, but with the secret she has between her a Jax their relationship will get tested. This “Nelle” secret will not only affect CarSon, but Nina and Jax, too.

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8. Nina Reels

Seems as if the Nina will finally figure out that Nelle is her daughter sometime in the fall. GH spoilers for down the road indicate that she’ll struggle with an unexpected turn of events. She’s bound to find out the truth, and once she learns about what Jax and Carly did, it could be game over for their relationship.

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7. JaSam’s Woes

Sure, they are happy now, but it won’t take long for this tide to turn. GH spoilers for the fall indicate that something will come down the pipe to affect this super couple’s happiness. They are free to be together as a family, but something will come in the way of this.

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6. Teen Scene

Lots going on with Port Charles’ teens this fall. While Dev, Trina, Cam, and Josslyn are all set to go to homecoming together, the real focus will be on the love triangle around Cam and the ladies. He’s got feelings for both of them; however, expect him and Joss to get a little closer in the coming weeks and months.

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5. Brando’s World

GH spoilers for the fall indicate that TJ and Brando will become buddies in the coming weeks. As this happens, a surge of guilt will continue to come over Molly. Related teasers also imply that there is a very good chance that Brando and Molly’s one-night stand secret could come out.

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4. Friz Hanging On

While they are experiencing some issues now and will continue to in the coming weeks, GH spoilers for the fall reveal that the couple will believe that someone else is responsible for the “cracks” that they feel in their relationship, not to mention how close they have respectively gotten to Ava and Nik.

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3. Alexis’ Condition

Alexis will be taken aback when she finds out she has osteoporosis. It’ll take a while for her to come to terms with it all, but she will start to learn ways to manage her condition and focus on the importance of being proactive about it. Sounds as if her daughters and friends will all be sources of support during this time.

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2. Ned and Olivia

Can these two make it the long haul? They’ll continue to have some issues along the way this season. GH spoilers for fall tease that Ned might continue to struggle with everything that is happening at ELQ. His temper will be heightened (once again) in the coming weeks, and Olivia could feel as if she’s to blame. She’ll also be struggling with Dante’s return.

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1. Brook Lynn’s Long Road Ahead

GH spoilers indicate that Brook Lynn will feel as if she’s helpless in the coming weeks. Seems as if she has a long road ahead in terms of healing, and will need the support of family and friends. Could Sasha be a friend to her? Maybe Chase, too? Is there an opportunity for the dynamics to change between Chase and Brook Lynn now that Willow has moved on?

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