General Hospital: Spoilers For August 2020

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Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! Time for some August spoilers for the show! Isn’t it amazing to finally be able to read spoilers again? The soap opera officially says “goodbye” to classic episodes, and resumes with new shows the week of August 3rd. This month, fans finally get answers to questions that have been lingering since May. Below are some GH spoilers for August 2020.

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12. Nina Testifies

It’s the moment fans have been waiting for. When GH went off the air, Nina was about to testify on behalf of Nelle, and in early August, spoilers reveal that Jax will be impressed by Nina’s strength. With that said, it seems as if Nina will not be offering the best testimony for Nelle, and what she says in front of the judge may make or break the case.

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11. Nelle Taken Off Guard

GH spoilers indicate that Nelle will reel from something unexpected in early August. There’s a good chance that Nina doesn’t give a glowing testimony, and Nelle will be taken aback by it all. As August marches on, Nelle will be quite confrontational, and teasers seem to imply that Michael and Willow may end up winning custody of Wiley, seemingly all thanks to Nina’s testimony.

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10. Willow and Michael

GH spoilers hint that these two newlyweds will get a lot closer in August. Winning the custody battle may just help them to further bond from “just friends” to a little something more. They are married after all! Meanwhile, Nelle won’t let up on the couple, she’ll demand to see her son at some point in early August, and will likely look into an appeal.

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9. Nina Struggles

It’s not all happily-ever-after fluff in the land of Port Charles though! As August continues, GH spoilers indicate that Nina will have to try and come to terms with an unexpected turn in events. Could she testify against Nelle, only to learn that Benson is the bio daughter she’s been searching for?

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8. Sasha Self-Destructs

Across town, GH spoilers hint that Sasha will try and deal with her heartbreak in self-destructive ways come August. Seems as if her plan with Chase worked, and Wiley will be with Michael and Willow; however, now what? She doesn’t get to be with the man she loves, and there’s a good chance she’ll continue to turn to drugs to relieve the pain of it all.

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7. Sonny Spirals

Last we saw Sonny, he was swaying back and forth on his father’s condition. GH spoilers for August indicate that Sonny will continue to struggle around his decisions for Mike. Carly will find him at home (after Wiley’s trial) distraught, and she’ll worry. Sonny will continue to question if what he is doing is right, and he’ll even visit Brando, perhaps to chat about it all.

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6. ELQ and Valentin

Valentin will be a busy little bee in August. GH spoilers indicate that he and Martin will have a meeting to strategize their next move. Teasers also indicate that he’ll meet with Brook Lynn early in the month, so perhaps she’ll finally get the answers she’s been looking for around her ELQ stocks. In other Valentin news, he’ll make a proposition to Sam.

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5. Cyrus Intimidates

GH spoilers suggest that Cyrus will continue to intimidate some in Port Charles. He’ll have a run-in with Brando in early August, and will carry on with manipulating Jordan. Teasers also hint that Portia will deal with an uncomfortable encounter next month … could this have to do with Cyrus, too?

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4. Deception Decision

GH spoilers for August reveal that Lucy and Maxie will collaborate on a decision around Deception. They will most likely choose to move forward with something important, which may keep Maxie preoccupied with something in light of everything that is going on with Peter, and the fact that there is a good chance that his not-so-good deeds come into the light next month.

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3. Peter’s Actions Come Back To Haunt Him

GH spoilers tease that Maxie will have some second thoughts regarding something. Could this be about Peter or her role with Deception? Might be Peter, as there are hints that Anna will have Peter’s back sometime in August, and even defend him to others. There’s a particularly good chance Robert can dig up the dirt needed to make Peter squirm.

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2. Maxie Left Broken

Further proof that Peter’s actions will come to light? Well, added GH spoilers reveal that Maxie will be left in the aftermath of something, picking up the pieces on her own. If Peter’s betrayal comes to light, Maxie will dump him without batting an eyelash. That doesn’t mean that she won’t feel hurt and broken, though. The good news is that she has her mom, Mac, Lulu, Spinelli, and her children to help her get through this all.

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1. Ava, Nik, Liz, and Franco

Friz fans have been worried about their favorite super couple as of late, with cracks forming in the relationship thanks to the games Ava and Nik have been playing. There is some good news in this regard! GH spoilers hint that Liz and Franco will wise up to what Nikolas and Ava are up to sometime in August!

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