General Hospital: Spoilers For April 2022

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It’s a new month in Port Charles, which means new romances, adventures and drama! What can General Hospital (GH) fans expect to see over the next four weeks or so? A new character will be introduced, while a super couple is in peril. Also, Liz’s mystery might finally be solved! Learn about these storylines and others in the below GH spoilers for April 2022.

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12. New Character Alert!

According to Soap Central, actor Michael Blake Kruse has officially joined GH and will step into a newly created role soon. At this point in time, the character is known as “Rory”, and a publicity photo shows Kruse wearing a PCPD uniform with the name “Cabrera” on it. So, Port Charles will get another police officer on board! Who will Kruse be romantically linked to, and what will his storyline be about?

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11. Not So Fast, Spence!

Actor Nicholas Alexander Chavez (Spencer Cassadine) was recently cast in Crushed, a flick about teens and high school romance. Many fans were speculating on whether this meant that Chavez would be exiting his GH role, but the actor hopped on to Twitter to confirm that he’s staying put in Port Charles. This is great news!

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10. Ava’s Not Happy

GH spoilers for April indicate that Esme’s plan to get closer to Nikolas and wedge Ava out will likely succeed in the weeks ahead. Added teasers hint that Ava won’t be happy about what’s going on at Wyndemere. In fact, as the month progresses, Mrs. Cassadine will find herself getting legal advice from Scott Baldwin. Are she and Nik headed towards a separation?

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9. Time To Plan For Baby…

Speaking of Esme, GH spoilers note that some information will surface that has Spencer and Esme planning what to do next. Sounds like Ms. Prince will “test positive” as an expectant mother to continue her deception. She may also con a doctor into keeping quiet if Cassadine insists she go to the hospital to confirm all of this.

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8. The Viral Video Tape Storyline Continues

GH spoilers suggest that Joss and Cam’s viral videotape will continue to take center stage in storylines, come April. As Port Charles’ mayor (and grandmother to Cameron), Laura will try and get to the bottom of things. Some added teasers note that Marshall may also try to step in and help Trina deal with everything.

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7. Is Liz’s Mystery Solved?

GH spoilers for April suggest that Liz’s stalker situation might get solved. Added teasers state that Aiden and Jake will “stumble” upon the truth behind the mysterious events that have been happening. What could they discover? While Jake clearly isn’t a part of this, could Aiden be? Perhaps it’s been Liz’s parents all along? Or maybe Hayden?

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6. “Get It Done”

Meanwhile, GH teasers for this coming month hint that Victor Cassadine will continue to be up to no good. He’ll send a text to someone, stating they need to “get it done”. Is Victor about to ax someone in Port Charles? In other news, he’ll also try to sway Laura into believing they have more in common than she thinks. Will she buy what he’s selling? (Spoiler alert – probably not!)

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5. More Undercover Work

GH spoilers suggest that Anna and Felicia will continue to do some undercover work in the hopes of getting to the bottom of Luke’s passing. Added teasers note that Anna will continue to keep Dante and Sam in the loop, so here’s hoping that at some point, they can get one step ahead of Victor and his plan.

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4. A Cryptic Spoiler…

GH offers a cryptic spoiler in early April, noting that two unexpected people will make contact in an exotic and tropical locale. What could this be about? Could Luke still be alive? Is he hiding out somewhere warm with Tracy in tow? This teaser could mean about a million different things at this point!

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3. People Begin To Notice

GH spoilers suggest that loved ones around Sasha will begin to notice that something’s up with her, come early April. After the Deception IPO party, the company’s “crew” will have a gathering and it looks as if Lucy, BLQ and Maxie may feel like Sasha doesn’t “seem right”. Will they fluff it all off, approach her about it, or keep their eyes on Mrs. Corbin, moving forward? Maybe a little of all three!

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2. Time To Celebrate!

Some feel-good GH spoilers for next month have Curtis and Portia celebrating with loved ones, as they’ll have a housewarming party. Great news for the couple, but given everything that’s going on with Trina, will this happiness be short-lived? In added teasers, Curtis may reconsider the offer that Ms. Wu recently presented.

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1. Nina Changes Her Mind?

GH spoilers for April suggest that Nina might change her mind about taking legal action against Michael and Willow for visitation rights with Wiley. It sounds like “Millow” will face a major roadblock next month. Added teasers imply that Nina will have important news for Sonny, while Scott has a confrontation with the mob boss. Yikes!

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