General Hospital: Spoilers For April 2021

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As March turns to April, what should fans of General Hospital (GH) expect to see on their favorite soap opera? Anna and Valentin getting a little closer, a kink in the Chillow reunion, and even more drama in store for Carly. Learn about these storylines and others in the below GH spoilers for April 2021.

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12. Anna and Valentin

According to GH spoilers for April, Valentin and Anna will be in each other’s orbits over the next few weeks. Added teasers imply that Devane will be the one to calm Cassadine down when a situation stuns him, and the two will also get some sort of “offer” from Peter. It sounds as if August will play on their guilt around past decisions. Will he be able to get the better of them … again?

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11. BLQ Thinks Fast

Could Brook Lynn be the one who’s taken Valentin aback? Does she drop an unexpected bomb on him? GH spoilers reveal that BLQ will have to think fast when a situation catches her off guard. She’ll need to get creative and improvise. Does this have to do with her baby? In other Brook Lynn news, she’ll work hard at trying to reunite Olivia and Ned.

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10. Chillow Reunion, Halted

Fans of Chillow may be a tad disappointed. According to GH spoilers, Willow or Chase will have a “change of heart” when it comes to their reunion. Who will be the one to back away? Could Chase feel as if he’s dealing with too much? Could Willow believe she’s better suited with Michael? Only time will tell!

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9. Chase and Finn

Speaking of Harrison, GH spoilers state that he and Finn will have an awkward encounter. Added teasers for these two reveal that both will be at a loss for words when they realize that Gregory has an appointment at the hospital. Could this be a routine checkup, or is it a cause for concern?

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8. Sasha Turns To Brando

If Michael and Willow decide to pursue a romance, this might leave Sasha in the dark, too. The good news is that GH spoilers for April state that she and Brando will continue to bond. He’ll make a confession to her about something, which will strengthen their relationship. In other Sasha news, she’ll unexpectedly interrupt an “intimate” moment between a couple. Who does she barge in on?

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7. Carly’s World

Carly will be very busy in April. GH spoilers suggest that she and Diane will head to the courthouse, early on in the month. She and Jason will also stay in close contact, as the two will meet within the next couple of weeks. In other related spoilers, Josslyn will turn to Jax when an issue arises.

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6. Nina and “Mike”

GH spoilers hint that while Nina will feel conflicted about keeping “Mike” a secret, she’ll also convince herself that hiding him is the “right” thing to do. Sounds as if Sonny and Nina will bond on another level this month, but will things turn romantic between the pair? Mike seems to be high on the blonde, and she too may continue to see a different side to Sonny as the weeks go by.


5. Cyrus Is In It For The Long Haul

Cyrus is the type of character that seemed as if he’d be in a Port Charles for a few months and then drift out of storylines; however, with ties to Laura and Martin now, he may end up staying for longer than expected. Actor Jeff Kober (Cyrus) recently had an interview with Soap Opera Digest, and it’s clear that Renault will be with GH for a very long time. According to Kober, the writers of the show are having a lot of fun with his storylines. So, what’s on tap for Cyrus come April?

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4. A New Alliance?

GH spoilers for April hint that Cyrus and Nik will clash about something early on in the month. As time wears on, Cassadine will lay all his cards on the table with Renault. In other related teasers, Cyrus will try to come to an agreement with Laura in April, but she’ll flat out refuse her half-brother.

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3. Nik and Ava

Speaking of Nikolas, GH spoilers indicate that someone will put Ava and him on notice. Added teasers also hint that Ava will try to change Cassadine’s mind about something. In related news, Ava will get an odd package this month. Could it be as creepy as the cockroach she got on Valentine’s Day?

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2. Alexis Moves Forward

GH spoilers suggest that Alexis will get her affairs in order this month. She’ll get some help from Sam, but added teasers also imply that her “support” system will kick in, too. Fans should expect her other daughters, as well as Finn, and possibly Valentin, to offer Davis new ideas on how to think about things and provide silver linings along the way. She’ll finally be getting the “help” she needs to move forward.

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1. More Spoilers!

Peter will add another “enemy” to his list, by the name of Jackie, while Cam and Liz will butt heads in early April. Rounding out GH spoilers, Kevin will provide some insight to someone in need, while Laura and Scott cross paths and Portia is given an opportunity to get a good chat in with her ex, Taggert.

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