General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (September 12 – 23, 2022)

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Will the hook slasher strike again? And if so, who will be their next victim? What will happen to Carly’s travel plans? Will Elizabeth’s “flashbacks” storyline ever wrap up? General Hospital (GH) fans just love speculating on storylines! As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for September 12th to 23rd, 2022.

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12. Will The Hook Slasher Strike Again?

GH spoilers for this week note that someone will be in grave danger. This information is enough to believe that another character will fall victim to the hook slasher. However, added teasers imply that “family and friends” will mourn a loved one, come the week of September 19th. In fact, it’ll have Sonny reflecting on his father’s passing. Does Port Charles have a serial killer on the loose, or will someone just pass away unexpectedly?

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11. Who Will Get The Ax?

Who could fall victim to the hook slasher this week? Or who could pass away, in general? It likely won’t be a main character, but someone in the mix of things. Could it be Rory? If the hook slasher is Esme (or Ryan), then there’s a chance that she could try to attack Trina. Rory could possibly save Ms. Robinson, but meet his own demise in the process.

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10. A Major Clue

One major clue that disqualifies Rory is the fact that “friends and family” will gather to mourn the passing of a character, and Rory doesn’t have family in the little town. On the other hand, someone who does is Britt Westbourne, and actress Kelly Thiebaud is set to leave the soap opera soon. Will this be the good doctor’s exit storyline?

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9. Could It Be Willow?

If the hook slasher returns, whoever gets “slashed” could survive the incident. After all, Ava’s doing better, day by day. So, could Willow be the one who passes away? She’s about to lose her temper in the days ahead and she may get some really bad news. She’s quite sick as it stands and refusing treatment because of the baby she’s carrying. Willow’s passing would be a very interesting plot twist in this storyline, as once it’s revealed that Nina is her bio mom, Reeves’ rivalry with Carly would only intensify. Not only did Carly keep Nina from having a relationship with Nelle before she passed away, but Willow, too.

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8. If Willow Passes On…

Could the doctors find a way to keep the baby alive? Could the baby survive and need some sort of bone marrow or blood transfusion that only a family member can provide? Will Carly then come forward with the truth about Willow’s bio mother, or will she stand by and jeopardize the health of her grandchild because of pride?

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7. Carly’s Travel Plans Busted

A GH spoiler suggests that Carly will hit a snag with her travel plans this week, and a weekly preview shows that Mrs. Corinthos will experience some turbulence as she’s in an airplane. Will this cause the plane to abruptly land somewhere unexpected? She’s also set to run into an unfriendly face over the days ahead. Could she and Nina stumble upon each other while out of town? Will this prompt Carly to come home earlier?

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6. Bad News For Carly

It does seem like “doom and gloom” will be a dominant theme over the next two weeks in Port Charles. Not only will someone be in danger (and apparently pass on), but Carly will get bad news. In some interesting GH spoilers for the week of September 19th, Sonny will console someone, and this could affect his relationship with others. If Willow passes away, could Sonny be there to help comfort his ex? Carly would likely be devastated to hear if Britt passes, too. Either way, if Sonny is “there” for Carly, this would certainly rub Nina the wrong way.

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5. Sonny Versus Victor

Sonny will be a busy bee over the next two weeks, as he has some major suspicions that he needs to get off his chest to Nikolas. Sonny will also have a revelation about something, and by the time the week of September 19th hits, he’ll issue a warning to Victor Cassadine. It seems as if the rivalry between Corinthos and Cassadine will continue to heat up over the next two weeks. Should the mob boss and Anna form an alliance?

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4. Is Lucy In Over Her Head?

While Lucy has the best of intentions, GH spoilers over the next two weeks hint she could be playing with fire. Flirting with Victor Cassadine to get the goods on him is flirting with disaster! Added teasers note that Anna will have bad news for Valentin, as she’ll let him know things aren’t going as planned. Can Coe get the goods on Victor and save the day, or will she get too wrapped up in things and jeopardize her own safety?

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3. Is Nik Guilty?

This week’s GH preview video shows Ava accusing Nikolas of her hook stabbing. Spoilers suggest that he’ll make a “mysterious” phone call this week, and reach out to his Auntie Alexis next week. Is Nik behind Ava’s stabbing? Will he require legal counsel or advice from his aunt? He’s likely not the person who hooked Ava; however, for one reason or another, he’ll appear guilty.

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2. Elizabeth’s Saga Continues

As interesting as this storyline has been, it just seems to be dragging on for too long. First, fans questioned who was torturing Elizabeth, and while it’s great that there was resolution around the incidents, it’s time to finally offer a conclusion around the nurse’s memories. However, it sounds like it’ll be more of the same over the next two weeks, as she’ll continue to get flashbacks.

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1. The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

With that said, Elizabeth will turn to Kevin for help, as the week of September 19th comes to a close. Added GH spoilers imply that she’ll find a clue that links to her past. Sounds like this storyline may finally wrap up soon, so that Liz, Finn, and fans can all move on!

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