General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (October 5 – 16, 2020)

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The next couple of weeks in the land of Genoa City should be out of this world! What does Ryan want with Ava? Why has Jackie Templeton decided to stroll back into town? How will Lulu react when Dante returns? It’s hard not to speculate! As such, below are some General Hospital (GH) plotline predictions for October 5 to October 16, 2020.

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13. Ryan’s Warning

Could Ryan be headed back to Port Chuckles? He’ll call Ava this coming week and their conversation is sure to leave her shaken. So much so, she may start to clean up her act. Seems as if she and Carly may have a nice interaction, so she could decide to start living her life on the straight and narrow. This may also be “fake” on Ava’s part because she wants something from Carly.

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12. Ryan Has The Letter

Nelle and Ryan were sort of chummy at one point in jail. Could he have Nelle’s letter about Julian? Without knowing how to reach to Julian, Ryan may have a message for Ava to relay to Julian. This is sure to leave both Jerome siblings more than a little shaken. Julian will be looking for an update come the week of October 12th, so he could be pressuring Ava to help make things right for him.

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11. Quid Pro Quo

Ryan may offer up the letter for something else in return. Whether that be money, a way to be released from where he is at, or simply a testimony at an appeal hearing. The reasons could be endless. Regardless, Ryan wants something, which is why he called in the first place.

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10. Britt’s Threat

Britt will unleash a warning to someone come the week of October 12th, and it’s hard to predict who will bear the brunt of it all. She’s already confronted Julian around the baby switch cover-up, so it could be him, but it could also be someone from the hospital since she’s running that gig. Then, there’s Peter. Sure, they are related; however, he’s also the reason her mom’s in jail. Could she be helping Liesl (and working with Dante) to expose Peter?

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9. Jackie Templeton Storyline

Jackie Templeton will be back this week, and she may have her sights set on Robert. Could she have more information to help him locate Holly’s whereabouts? Regardless, expect some sparks to fly between these two! It’s about time that Scorpio landed some romance in Port Charles. He’s been single for far too long.

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8. Will She Be Team Good Guy or Team Bad Guy?

With that said, will Jackie be a heroine or a schemer? Will she be back in town to help Robert with something, or to lead him in the wrong direction? It’ll be hard to gauge in the next couple of weeks. Fans will be on the fence as to whether Jackie is Team Good Guy or Team Bad Guy. Only time will tell!

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7. The Olivia Factor

Of course, Olivia is with Ned right now, but their days could be numbered. There has been some chemistry between her and Robert lately; however, neither has crossed a line, and they do seem like “just friends.” Could Robert, Olivia, and Jackie be entering a love triangle in the next couple of weeks?

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6. Nice and Easy

GH spoilers for the next couple of weeks tease a lot of planning and strategizing for Sonny and Jason. They are looking to get rid of Cyrus, but Renault is a tricky character. Corinthos and Stone Cold will go back and forth around the best way to bring down Cyrus, but it’ll be a slippery slope. They may even argue around the best way to go about it all.

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5. Looking On To The Future

Upon reflection, could Sonny decide to go another way and leave the business for good? He’ll be contemplating his future the week of October 12th. So much hurt, pain, and loss experienced over the years, could Sonny throw in the towel and decide to hand everything over to Jason? He may choose to do this after they nab Cyrus, which will complicate the plans Jason has. Jason will want to push the button this, and Corinthos may believe that they need to be slow, steady, and careful.

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4. Gladys’ Motivation

Gladys will be back in the land of Port Charles this week, and fans might wonder as to why she’s returned. GH spoilers for the week of October 12th tease that she’ll fight for Brando. Could she believe that Brando deserves more from Sonny and his organization, considering all he’s done for Corinthos?

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3. Cameron, Josslyn, and Dev

Cam and Josslyn seem very close to becoming a “thing,” but will Dev allow that to happen? Dev has feelings for Joss too, so there’s a good chance he may slowly start scheming to keep these two teens far apart. GH spoilers for this week reveal that Joss will have a plan that falls through … does she try and organize alone time with Cameron, only for Dev to step in and ruin it all?

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2. Sasha’s Confession

Sasha will continue to turn to drugs for relief in the coming weeks. While she does confide in Valentin in the next couple of days, it’s unlikely that she reveals she’s dabbling in drugs. She may confide to tell him that she and Chase did not have an affair; rather, they organized something to ensure Michael and Willow would get married.

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1. Sasha Spirals

GH spoilers hint that Sasha will disappoint Lucy the week of October 12th. She may continue to spiral with her drug use where it begins to affect her job. She could miss an important meeting or a photoshoot simply because she is too high. Will Lucy take notice, or just lash out at Sasha? Lucy can be clueless at times, so she may simply scold Sasha for her unprofessionalism and then brush it all off.

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