General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (October 25 – November 5, 2021)

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What has Carly and Sonny so concerned about Michael? Will Nina play her “ace card” in this situation? What’s going to happen in Greece over the next two weeks? General Hospital (GH) fans just love to speculate on storylines! As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for October 25th to November 5th, 2021.

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13. Why Is Carly and Sonny Worried Over Michael?

Michael threw Nina under the bus last week, having her arrested for fraud and identity theft. While Willow might be a tad upset at Michael for his actions, his mom is sure to be proud. However, GH spoilers imply that both Carly and Sonny will “worry” about Michael’s situation in the week ahead. What has them so concerned?

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12. Will Michael Take A Step Back?

GH spoilers hint that Jax will “open up” to Michael this week. Will he tell him about Nina’s relationship with Sonny? As much as Michael wants to nail Reeves for what she’s done, if Sonny is hiding his romance with Nina from Carly, Michael will want to do the same. After all, Sonny didn’t purposely have an affair with Carly. He didn’t know who he was, or what he was doing. Plus, Michael’s parents are trying to rebuild their lives after falling off track for months. Michael may take a step back from revenge on Nina after all.

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11. He Won’t Want To Rock The Boat

In addition, when Michael finds out the truth, he won’t want to “rock” the boat with Nina. He might be afraid that she’ll retaliate by exposing Sonny’s affair with her. Michael’s stop-start behavior could have Carly concerned. Sonny would also “act” concerned, to deflect any suspicion from his wife.

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10. Nina Will Continue To Keep Quiet

Ava will remind Nina about her “ace card” this week. Jerome may advise her friend to threaten Michael or Sonny, if charges aren’t dropped. Carly will also have a confrontation with Nina and push her buttons. Reeves could fire back with her Nixon Falls affair, but for now, she’ll continue to keep quiet. She’s caused too much pain by doing the wrong thing in the past. She’ll feel as if it’s time to do the right thing and let Carly and Sonny try to pick up the pieces of their lives together without having an affair hang over their marriage.

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9. Nina Encourages Ava To Sell Charlie’s To Sonny

Nina may even encourage Ava to sell Charlie’s to Sonny. After all, he wants to buy it so he can give it to Phyllis. This week, Ava won’t be so sure about selling her brother’s old bar to Corinthos. After all, Julian and Sonny didn’t have the best of relationships, and she may really want Nina to purchase it. Nina will step back on this for the greater good of keeping the peace in Port Charles.

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8. An Old Enemy

GH spoilers over the next two weeks hint that an old foe of Sonny’s is set to return to town. Could this be Cyrus Renault? Makes sense that he could get his charges lifted or his sentence shortened. With that said, Sonny has a ton of past enemies. With Phyllis in town, could Elijah Crowe resurface in Port Charles? Could he become a threat to both Nina, Phyllis and Sonny?

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7. Elijah Starts To Stalk Nina

If Elijah began stalking Nina, this could send Sonny reeling. Corinthos is trying to keep his distance from Reeves, but his natural instincts would have him wanting to protect Nina. Crowe is someone that didn’t get along with “Mike” and is a real threat to both Phyllis and Nina. Carly could raise an eyebrow if Sonny gets overly heated about anything Elijah does to Reeves.

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6. Will Valentin Be Okay?

Valentin will struggle with recovery over the next two weeks. In fact, he’ll hit the ICU in Port Charles as the weekend approaches. Could Valentin require a blood transfusion or transplant from a family member? Will Victor step up to the plate to help his “son”? How will Anna react to the possibility of losing Cassadine? With that said, there’s a good chance Valentin will be okay. 

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5. Someone To Watch Over Him

Valentin may need someone to watch over him during recovery. It’ll be touch-and-go over the next week or so; however, Anna may decide he should temporarily move in with her during the week of November 1st. He could go back to the Quartermaine’s, but that is a very busy household! He’ll need peace and quiet to get better, and Devane’s house will be the perfect alternative. These two will continue to get closer during this time.

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4. Spencer Overhears Something

GH spoilers for this coming week indicate that Spencer will overhear something that stuns him. Does this have to do with Esme? Perhaps it’s about Victor and the fact that Valentin is a Cassadine. If Valentin requires a transfusion or transplant, could Spence or Nikolas help? If Spencer can help, will he do it out of good, or look for something in return like getting his recent stalker charges dropped? Could Anna pull something like that? Could Robert?

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3. Peter’s Luck Is Turning

GH spoilers for the week of November 1st hint that Peter’s luck might run out. With that said, Liesl will find herself as a hostage in a lab. Sounds like she’ll “wake up” to realize this. With Britt and Jason hot on August’s tail in Greece, plus Obrecht looking for a way out, could Liesl figure out a way to deprogram Drew while in the lab?

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2. Everything Pieces Together At The Perfect Moment

Liesl could deprogram Drew just as Britt and Jason find their location. August’s luck could “run out” when he gets nabbed by Britt and Jason, and Drew won’t be triggered by his “brainwashing” words. Peter’s a sly fellow, so there’s a good chance he escapes Jason and Britt’s clutches. With that said, there’s also a good chance Drew and Obrecht will be saved and brought back to Port Charles.

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1. Alexis Needs To Make A Major Decision

Over at the jail, GH spoilers suggest that Nik will give his Auntie Alexis some news. In turn, she’ll have to make a decision. Sounds like this could affect her jail time. Could she get a shorter sentence if she goes back to Pentonville? Maybe she’ll be required to do some weird community service that she doesn’t agree with, and get released early? Alexis will likely opt for whatever it takes to get out of jail sooner rather than later.

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