General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (October 18 – 29, 2021)

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Will anyone get saved from the Cassadine compound in Greece this week or next? Who is the “mysterious man” that is popping up in spoilers over the following two weeks? Will Nina decide to “fight” for Sonny after all? General Hospital (GH) fans just love speculating on storylines! As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for October 18th to October 29th, 2021.

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12. Valentin Is Saved?

There are some hints that Valentin might be saved in the coming days. GH spoilers for the week of October 25th reveal that Elizabeth will “watch over” Cassadine in the ICU. Since Liz is not in Greece, it’s likely that Valentin will be saved by Robert and Anna, and brought back to Port Charles.

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11. What About The Others?

There’s a good chance that Drew and Liesl are still held captive somewhere if Valentin is saved. GH spoilers note that Anna will be there when Valentin needs her the most. Added teasers also state that both she and Robert will make an unexpected decision. Could they find Valentin in a terrible state and decide to leave Sam and Dante in charge of finding Drew? Cassadine might need medical help in Port Charles.

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10. Victor Might Be In Custody

Perhaps Anna and Robert only find Victor and Valentin. They see that Valentin is in terrible shape, maybe because of something Peter did, or maybe because of something Victor has ordered. Maybe Peter did something to cause Valentin’s injuries. Regardless, Devane and Scorpio may decide to take the Cassadines to Port Charles. Valentin heads to the hospital, while Victor is held in custody.

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9. What Happened to Liesl and Drew?

Anna and Robert could head to the Cassadine compound, find the two Cassadines and give up on searching for anyone else. Perhaps Peter has used Drew, and he was the one who “hurt” Valentin? Maybe Peter takes Liesl and Cain hostage? Or perhaps he decides Cain is of no more use to him.

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8. Jason and Britt

Jason and Britt will start their mission off in St. Lucia and head to Greece by this week’s end. This likely means that they’ll run into Sam and Dante, so the foursome might work together to save Drew and Liesl. Will they succeed? Eventually, but probably not within the next two weeks.

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7. Action = Romance

Could Jason and Britt re-catch some feels while in Greece over the next two weeks? Westbourne doesn’t like the idea of being the second choice for Jason. Who could blame her? However, this is Stone Cold. Plus, Greece happens to be one of the most romantic places on Earth. Nothing will happen between the two, but sparks will fly. Britt’s going to try and resist Jason every step of the way.

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6. A Mystery Man…

GH spoilers hint that a mystery man will keep an eye on Curtis and Portia. As the days go by, Portia will run into him, and both her and Curtis will have a chat about this person. Who could this mystery man be? If Portia runs into him, there’s no way he could be an “ex”. What if he’s a long-lost relative of hers or Curtis’s?

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5. Will Nina Fight For Sonny?

Nina will likely try to stay out of Sonny’s orbit over the next two weeks. Everyone is still reeling over the aftermath of the Nixon Falls drama. However, as much as these two try to stay away from each other, they’ll still “run into” one another, now and again. Sonny is trying to hold onto his resentment of Nina, but he’ll struggle with that. He’ll likely start softening up to Reeves real soon.

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4. That Dirty Little Secret

Then there’s the secret Sonny is holding, which he, Nina, Ava and Jax know about. While Reeves has claimed she and “Mike” never slept together, the very fact that feelings were there is still enough to send Carly crawling up the walls if she ever found out. As hard as it was to be truthful, both Jason and Carly were honest with Sonny. What will Mrs. Corinthos do when she finds out that her hubby is hiding this dirty little secret?

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3. It’ll Stay Under The Rug… For Now…

The good news is this secret is likely to stay hidden for a while; however, with Avery’s custody in the air, Ava might decide to manipulate the situation and use this information to her advantage. She may start with a whisper in Nina’s ear. Jerome could encourage Nina to “fight” for “Mike”. After all, Carly and Sonny breaking up would certainly help her gain more time with her daughter in the short term.

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2. Concern Over Michael

GH spoilers hint that there will be concern over Michael in the next couple of weeks. This week, Willow will be worried. Next week, both Carly and Sonny will share concerns over their son. What’s up with Michael? Why is he on anyone’s radar? Things are seemingly going well for the young man, at the moment. This could all change over the next two weeks.

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1. Is He Struggling Over What Nina Did?

Is Michael struggling over what Nina did? Could he believe that she’s a threat to Wiley? Could he decide to cut the child from her life? Added teasers imply that Jax will admit something to Michael during the week of October 25th. Will he tell the young man that Nina fell in love with “Mike”? Will this cause Michael to spiral even more? He’ll be told not to tell his mom, which is something that Michael will struggle with.

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