General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (May 31 – June 11, 2021)

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Is Peter finally going down? Will Cyrus be okay after getting shot? What about Chase? Will BLQ find Maxie? There’s nothing General Hospital (GH) fans love to do more than speculate on “what will happen next” in storylines. As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for May 31 to June 11, 2021.

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13. What Happens With Peter?

Everyone wants to believe that Peter is going down; however, GH fans have come to learn that August can always escape a sticky situation. All arrows from last week seem to point at the idea that Peter August might finally be going down for all he’s done in Port Charles. In fact, GH spoilers for the week of May 31st seem to hint at this, too. But what will really happen with Peter over the next two weeks?

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12. Peter Ends Up Fine

GH spoilers tease that Peter will be cornered this week, but there’s a good chance August squeezes out of the situation he’s in over the next couple of days. When all is said and done, there’s no evidence linking him to any crime he’s committed. That doesn’t mean he won’t be sweating through it all, but there’s a small chance he’ll face any repercussions. Plus, the baby-swap storyline is too intriguing to pass up at this point.

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11. The Nurse Chloe Factor

Despite Nurse Chloe trying to kidnap Maxie, Peter wasn’t in or around the area when she attempted to take her. August could easily say that Chloe was loony and she acted alone. Just as easily as he’ll get off with that story, Maxie will be able to tell everyone that the baby she had was stillborn. She had to give birth in the woods, after all!

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10. Maxie and BLQ’s Plan

As Peter won’t be nabbed, Maxie and Brook Lynn’s baby-switch idea will go on as planned. BLQ will end up finding Maxie’s location. Then, she’ll help her and the baby get settled. Jones will need to recover from what she’s been through, and the two ladies will want to ensure the baby is healthy, cleaned up, fed, and settled. BLQ will probably “introduce” the baby to Valentin during the week of June 7th.

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9. Helping Dr. Austin

It was a pleasant surprise to see actor Roger Howarth return to the land of Port Charles, this time playing a new character, Dr. Austin. BLQ will find Maxie and the two ladies will go back to find Dr. Austin. They’ll ensure he’s okay and get him help. Maxie will feel the need to stay connected to the doctor who helped deliver her baby into this world. This is how Dr. Austin will be immersed into storylines. She’ll tell him the whole truth, and he’ll hopefully go along with the plan that Jones and Quartermaine have.

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8. Cyrus’s World

The last time fans saw Cyrus, he had been shot and was at Portia’s place. Curtis will get a phone call this week that leaves him rattled. Could Renault decide to keep Portia “hostage” until he recovers from his gunshot wound? He can’t go to the hospital for this and may believe that Portia can help him get better. Portia could ask for Curtis’s help, or she may trick him into leaving her alone for a week so she can tend to Renault. Could this be a secret she hides from Curtis, just as they are getting close?

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7. Cyrus Gets Better

Cyrus will likely get the medical attention he needs to heal. He’ll be back to his mob world in no time. Portia will make up a few excuses to keep Curtis away while she tends to Renault. Cyrus will likely blackmail Portia into keeping this between the both of them. He could threaten Trina as a way to keep Portia in line.

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6. Willow Learns The Truth

GH spoilers for the week of May 31st reveal that Willow will demand some answers from Finn. Does she finally learn the truth about Chase’s condition? Added teasers for the week of June 7th note that Finn, with the help of Elizabeth, will still be looking to create an antidote, so it sounds as if Willow and Michael will continue to lie about their reunion for the time being.

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5. Love Is In the Air!

GH spoilers hint that Sasha and Brando will get closer in the coming weeks, as well as Michael and Willow. Seems like Cyrus may not be as big of a threat to this newly formed couple, as they’ll continue to bond over their connection and baby. When it comes to Millow, despite having to tread carefully, it sounds like they’ll bond more, waiting for the moment they can finally reveal to the world how they feel about each other.

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4. Jax Turns To Olivia

Jax will turn to Olivia to confide in her about something this week. Could this conversation unleash something in the Aussie? Jax’s name pops up quite a bit in GH spoilers for the week of June 7th. Could he be looking for advice about Nina, or will Olivia provide some tips on how to help bring Reeves home?

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3. Michael’s Awkward Encounter

GH spoilers for the week of June 7th note that Michael will have an odd encounter with Jax, which he relays to Willow. Meanwhile, Nina will receive a phone call that could bring some hope to her situation. Could Jax try and convince Michael to allow Nina to visit Wiley once again? He may prompt his former stepson to do this in an effort to bring Reeves back to Port Charles. Will Michael and Willow agree to this?

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2. Carly’s Upset

Something will set Carly off during the week of June 7th. GH spoilers hint that she’ll try to shut Jax out, but then confront him on something as the days go by. Does this have to do with Josslyn, or could this be about Jax “cornering” Michael? Plus, there’s a good chance that the conversation Jax has with Michael is about Carly and not Nina. He may feel that Michael should talk his mother out of getting any deeper into the mob than she should. Carly may feel as if Jax is overstepping.

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1. Dante Investigates

Seems like Ava and Nik will receive another cryptic message during the week of June 7th; however, unlike the ones in the past, this one will issue a threat. Dante will be called up to Wyndermere to investigate, so who could be behind these “messages”? It’ll sound as if Ryan Chamberlain could be behind it all, but maybe it’s Spencer Cassadine? This might be a way to re-introduce either character back into the land of Port Charles.

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