General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (July 5 – July 16, 2021)

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Will Jason and Carly get hitched over the next two weeks? Could Nina try and stop them? Will Jax and Britt feel sparks? Will Anna and Valentin finally share a kiss (or more)? General Hospital (GH) fans just LOVE to speculate on storylines! As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for July 5 to July 16, 2021.

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12. Jason and Carly Tie The Knot

It’s not like these two have to organize a huge wedding. All Jason and Carly need is a Justice of the Peace and rings. The GH weekly preview video hints that Jarly could say their “I dos” as early as this week. But, could someone stop them before they get their chance?

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11. Nina Grows A Conscience

If Jarly decides to get hitched closer to the weekend, then that gives Nina a chance to process what is about to go down. Could she grow a conscience about Sonny and decide to stop the wedding and tell them he’s alive? It could be Friday’s cliffhanger for the week of July 5th. Then, there’s the idea that someone else steps in.

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10. Sam Stops The Wedding

Sam and Jason have been broken up for a very long time, but this doesn’t mean the two don’t have feelings for each other. GH spoilers for the week of July 12th state that Jason will have to face some questions from his ex. Does she decide to stop the Jarly wedding, only to confront and grill him on the sidelines?

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9. Could They Start To “Feel” Things?

Carly and Jason had a fling, many moons ago. While there have been teases over the years that these two share more than just “friendly” feelings, now that Sonny has “passed”, and they are married, could they start to catch real feelings? Carly has never liked any of Jason’s lady loves (from Robyn to Sam, Liz, and even Britt). Could there be a deeper reason than just wanting “what is best” for her BFF? They’ve always had a complicated and unique friendship.

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8. Britt and Jax

Will these two hook up? There’s a very good chance this could happen in the coming days. Britt’s devastated from her break-up with Jason and, in an effort to get back at both him and Carly, she may decide to seduce Jax. The two could also just get caught up in a moment together, not intentionally trying to hurt anyone, but rather looking for comfort in one another’s arms.

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7. Anna and Valentin

Could these two hook up over the next two weeks? The answer seems to be “yes”! GH spoilers hint that they’ll have a moment this coming week, and try to navigate through their “new” romance during the week of July 12th. It’s been a long time coming for Valentin and Anna. As they continue to look for Peter (good luck finding him), they’ll also continue to get closer.

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6. Spencer Is The Stalker

Anyone who watched last Friday’s episode could be convinced that Ava and Nik’s stalker is Spencer Cassadine. After all, the young man never did like Jerome, and it seems like an interesting storyline. While the truth hasn’t been revealed about this yet, and anything is possible (a plot twist could be thrown in the mix, revealing the culprit to be someone else), there’s a good chance Nikolas’s son has been sending these dire and cryptic messages to the couple.

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5. The Truth Comes Out

It also sounds like the truth around Nik and Ava’s stalker will come out well before these two decide to make things official with their divorce. Spencer is not a threat; however, his official return to Port Charles will place a wedge between the couple, as well as his relationship with his dad.

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4. Chemistry Between Spencer and Trina?

Could GH fans see some chemistry between Trina and Spencer? The way he’s entered the land of Port Charles, and their initial scenes could mean that these two are headed for a romance. This is great news for Trina and her fans. The young lady has been placed in the thick of many interesting storylines and now that she’s turned into a young adult, she might be ready for a bonafide GH relationship.

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3. Joss and Cam Make It Official

Speaking of being ready for a romance, Joss and Cam could make it all official over the weeks ahead. They’ve cleared the air and talked things out. Is it time these two evolve their friendship into something more? Fans will likely see the young couple feel sparks, and act on them!

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2. Dr. Austin’s Intentions

Dr. Austin may appear interested in the Quartermaines, but is he really interested in the Corinthos family? He’ll have a chat about the Corinthos Wing with Carly in the coming days. Could Dr. Austin be focused on the Corinthos clan because of ties to the mob? Perhaps he masks his dealings through his “doctor” title. He might be “connected” because of his access to medicines and drugs.

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1. Maxie Confides In Nina

GH spoilers imply that Maxie will reach out to Nina for help during the week of July 12th. Could she tell Nina what she and BLQ are up to? Will Nina notice that Jones is at the daycare visiting Bailey more than she should? Maxie might feel apprehensive about telling Nina, but Reeves is someone who she can not only trust but also get help from.

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