General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (February 1 – 12, 2021)

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After the incredible reveal on Friday where Nina learned the truth about Nelle, it’s only natural for General Hospital (GH) fans to wonder what might happen next! Will Jax suffer any repercussions? Will Anna finally learn the truth about Peter? Will Finn determine if Chase is his son or brother? Viewers just love to speculate! As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for February 1 to February 12, 2021.

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12. Nina Wants Everything Confirmed

There’s a ton of “what ifs” around the Nina and Nelle storyline. Sure, the necklace matches up, but does that mean that Nelle was really Nina’s bio daughter? This coming week, Nina is sure to try and “digest” the entire situation. The week of February 8th, she may embark on a search to confirm if all of this is true.

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11. More Truths Revealed

GH spoilers for the week of February 8th suggest that Nina’s frustration and fury will increase. Does she learn about everything, or is this because she’s kicking herself for being so close to her “bio daughter” and not realizing it? She’ll turn to Jordan for help, so perhaps she has questions around something that only Ashford can solve.

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10. Carly and Jax

While Jax did come clean to Nina, there are still some lies that are shared between him and his ex. These two will continue to bond in their secrets. As such, Nina will also remain a little skeptical around the connection that Jax and Carly have. She may turn to Valentin when it comes to getting down to the truth of it all. The entire truth could be revealed, which may also make Carly and Jax bond that much more. Without Sonny in the picture, these two could be walking down a road to reconciliation.

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9. A Second Chance For Valentin?

GH spoilers for the week of February 8th imply that Valentin may believe there’s a second chance for him. Could this have to do with what Jax has done? If Nina finds out there are more lies between Carly and Jax, she may feel the only person she can lean on is Cassadine. Fans could see a reunion between not only Jax and Carly but Valentin and Nina. The shift around this is sure to happen in the coming weeks.

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8. Carly Meets With Diane

As the week of February 8th winds down, it seems as if Carly will need Diane’s help with something. She’ll take a meeting with Sonny’s lawyer. Is this about the way Nelle passed (and Carly’s involvement)? Will new evidence surface? Maybe the ladies are getting together to figure out how to settle Corinthos’s estate? Will Diane go over Sonny’s will with Carly?

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7. Sonny Struggle

GH spoilers state that Sonny will question his past the week of February 1st. Does he have a memory that triggers something? Could the doctor’s placing him on his proper meds (for his mental health condition) help ease the amnesia he’s suffering? Could he remember something that happened before falling in the water?

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6. Anna Learns The Truth About Peter

Anna is embarking on a mission this week, and as the days go by, she’ll start to connect some dots about her “son” Peter. By Friday, she’ll learn the whole truth and could be taken aback by how much she’s been fooled by August. What will she do next? She’ll try and figure out the best way to tell Maxie about what she’s learned. She’ll also keep what she’s found out from Finn.

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5. A Sign From Beyond

Speaking of Maxie, GH spoilers state that she’ll head to her late husband’s grave this week, and added teasers reveal that she could be asking for Nathan’s “blessing” around her upcoming marriage to Peter. Could West try and offer a “warning” sign from beyond? GH loves ghostly interferences and visits, so perhaps Nathan tries to show his disapproval in a way he hopes will get through to Jones. Could Nathan return in ghost format in the coming days? Here’s hoping!

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4. Finn Turns To Britt

GH spoilers reveal that Finn turns to Britt for help this week, so could he ask her to run a DNA test on Chase? Maybe he doesn’t come out and ask her to do this for him, but questions Westbourne about ways he can help a “friend” figure something of this nature out. Britt will offer up some answers, and Hamilton will wonder if he has it in him to proceed.

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3. Britt and Jason

Britt and Jason will continue to get a little closer this week and next. Westbourne will also continue to evolve away from her “Britch” persona, and towards more of a heroine role within the show. This could prove to be an interesting transformation if these two decide to mix business with pleasure. Could Britt and Jason cross a line over the next two weeks?

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2. Sam and Dante

While GH spoilers hint that Jason and Sam will have a bittersweet run-in the week of February 8th, Sam and Dante will also continue to bond over the first half of the month. Not only will Sam pay Dante a visit in the hospital, and thank him for the entire Alexis-Franco situation, the two will also form some sort of “connection” over the next couple of weeks.

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1. On The Road To Recovery

The bad news is that Alexis could have hurt Dante with that syringe, but the good news is that the fiasco has seemingly set her straight. Alexis will be on the road to recovery this week and next, and her daughters Kristina, Molly, and Sam will rally around their mom to help support her and figure out the best way she can turn her life back around.

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