General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (August 29 – September 9, 2022)

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What a cliffhanger from last Friday’s General Hospital (GH) episode! Will Ava be okay? Who “hooked” her? How will Nikolas react? And what will happen next in the little town? Soap fans just love to speculate on storylines! As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for August 29th to September 9th, 2022.

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12. Will Ava Be Okay?

This is the question of the hour, isn’t it? It’s hard to say at this point! Ava is a major character on the show and has her hands in many storylines. It would be stunning if she passed away, and things would escalate on the dramatic front. However, there is a small chance she could live to tell the tale. She is Ava Jerome, after all!

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11. The Likely Scenario 

This could go in a few different directions. She’s either a goner, which seems likely since that hook went all the way through her stomach — really, how could she survive that?! However, this is the land of soaps. Alternately, she could get rushed to the hospital where things are touch-and-go. She may also land in a coma, where loved ones could wonder if she’ll be okay. The drama in all scenarios would be high.

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10. Whodunit? 

The list of suspects around this crime goes on and on! Esme is the number one character who may be behind this. After all, she’s unstable and no one really knows if she’s alive. She hated Ava, so there’s a likelihood that she’s remained hidden after her parapet fall this entire time, waiting for the best time to exact her revenge. Then again, Mason seemed very concerned that Ava saw him after his confrontation with Austin. Then there’s Victor, who seemed to believe Jerome was a threat to the Cassadine family. Spencer will likely enter the picture as a suspect to some degree; fans know that he wouldn’t go to this extreme, but there will be a shadow of doubt.

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9. The Liz Webber Factor

Liz has been loopy and doing a ton of out-of-character things recently. Plus, the memories she’s been having about childhood are unsettling. In addition, Elizabeth and Finn had a major confrontation about him reaching out to her sister on Friday’s episode. While it’s hard to believe that Liz would cross a line, she (and any soap character, really) is capable of anything when under such duress.

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8. There’s Always Ryan…

Ryan Chamberlain has an obsession with Ava and is insane. He’s also known for violent killings. While he’s locked up in a mental institution, he’d likely seek revenge if he caught wind that Jerome threw his daughter over a parapet. Chamberlain is a crafty fellow. He could easily escape his facility for a few hours, hook Ava, and return without anyone noticing.

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7. Josslyn Is Shaken

GH spoilers hint that despite their past, Joss will see Ava struggling with something and help her in a situation. As the days progress, the young lady will try to “process” recent events, and Carly will help support her. Sounds like Joss will run into Jerome after the big hook incident. Whether Ava passes away in Josslyn’s arms or Ms. Jax helps her get to the hospital, Joss will have a hard time dealing with what she’s seen.

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6. Will Nik Move On Quickly? 

Another small hint that Ava could end up being a goner for good is that GH spoilers place Nikolas and Elizabeth in scenes together over the next two weeks. This might also foreshadow that Elizabeth is behind Jerome’s “accident”. Plus, Finn will also ponder Nikolas’ motives. Could Ava pass away? Could Nik move on so quickly? Could he place another wedge between Finn and Liz? He and Elizabeth have a ton of history.

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5. Liz Opens Up To Nikolas

Liz will confide in Nikolas this week, according to GH spoilers. Nik is Elizabeth’s oldest friend and may also shed light on any traumatic family history. Is Nikolas the key to helping Liz get past her recent episodes? Will fans see another love triangle where Nik and Liz are involved?

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4. Spencer’s Nightmare

GH spoilers for the week of August 29th suggest that Spencer will have a nightmare that could be a premonition of things to come. Is the dream about Esme? Could it imply that his ex-girlfriend is alive? Could it be about Ava? Maybe it’s simply a nightmare that shows Spence ending up like his dad: toxic and alone. Either way, he’ll be shaken.

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3. Britt and Cody Kiss

GH spoilers suggest that Britt and Cody will have a face-to-face confrontation. This could mean they’ll continue to banter over the small stuff, but it may also mean that the two will share a kiss. Would any other fans out there love to see Britt and Cody in a lip-lock (or more)?

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2. Flirting With Disaster

Is Lucy in over her head? She’s such a master at getting men to do, well, pretty much whatever she wants. Still, flirting with Victor this past week means flirting with disaster, not only because this could hurt Martin — and the two make a fab couple — but because Cassadine isn’t someone to mess with. Could Lucy get locked into Anna’s drama and suffer some horrible consequences?

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1. Carly Second-Guesses Herself

Carly doesn’t often second-guess her choices, but she will this week. Does this have to do with Drew? Will she regret that the two were stopped before doing the deed? Then again, this may be about Ava. If Jerome does pass away, will Carly realize that family is first, and life is short? If Jerome is a goner, Avery will need all the support she can get. Will Carly feel as if she needs to give Sonny and their romance another go?

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