General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (April 26 – May 7, 2021)

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Will Chase be okay? Are Brook Lynn and Maxie ready to jump into a major scheme together? Now that Olivia knows what Jones is up to, how will she play a role in all of this? Will Jax find out about “Mike”? General Hospital (GH) fans love to speculate on storylines! As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for April 26 to May 7, 2021.

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12. Finn Struggles

GH spoilers imply that Finn will feel hopeless this week. Sounds like he’ll struggle to develop an antidote for his son’s condition. With that said, in true daytime drama style, Hamilton will likely create something right before all hope is lost. He’ll come through for Chase in the umpteenth hour, but he’ll still be very bitter towards Anna and Peter August.

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11. Willow Continues To Lie

Willow and Michael will continue to keep their relationship a secret from Chase. By the end of this week (or early next), Harrison may come out of the shadows, but they are both too nice to kick someone when they’re down. Chase will be okay; however, he’ll still be recovering over the next few weeks. Despite the best intentions that Millow have, they’ll still feel guilty about everything — especially Willow.

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10. Brook Lynn and Maxie Come Together

It’s the beginning of what many fans have anticipated for a while now: a baby-swap storyline. The interesting twist with this one is the “moms” are in the know (even though, technically, BLQ isn’t a “mom”). As the week of May 3rd unravels, GH spoilers hint that “things won’t go as planned” for Brook Lynn. Do they hit a snag?

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9. Valentin Overhears Something

GH spoilers for this week reveal that Valentin will gain the upper hand when he overhears something. Could this be Maxie and BLQ’s baby-swap plan, or does it have to do with Peter? Cassadine was trying to woo Gladys into a confession, but that hasn’t happened as of yet. Could Valentin listen in on an important conversation that could be a deal-breaker for August (or Cyrus Renault)?

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8. Olivia Talks To Robert

Olivia is somewhat in-the-know about Maxie’s plan, as she overheard her talking at Nathan’s gravesite last week. GH spoilers indicate that she’ll confide in Dante during the week of April 26th. Is Dante the one who brings Maxie and BLQ together? Olivia will also confide in Robert, the week of May 3rd. Could Falconeri overstep in this situation? Could she ruin the ladies’ plans?

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7. Dante Secures Roots

Dante hasn’t been up to much since hitting Port Charles, and it may be time for him to find a job. GH spoilers for the week of May 3rd suggest that Mac Scorpio will try to convince Dante to join the PCPD. What will Dante say? Added teasers indicate that Falconeri will strike up a deal of sorts with Sam that week, too. Does this twosome decide that Dante being on the police force is an advantage when it comes to other deals they have in Port Charles?

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6. Cam’s Change Of Heart

Cam is set to have a heated exchange with Jason this week. It seems as if nothing people say can sway his idea that Stone Cold shot Franco. Could Cameron have a change of heart after their confrontation? GH spoilers for the week of May 3rd reveal that he’ll apologize to Joss about something. She’ll likely accept it; however, what happened to change his mind and say sorry? The reason the two friends weren’t getting along was Cam’s accusations. Did Jason say something to change his mind?

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5. What Happens In Nixon Falls, Stays In Nixon Falls

Nina will be doing all she can to “protect” her new life in Nixon Falls this week and next. With Jax *almost* noticing “Mike” last week, Reeves will be scrambling. She’ll most likely make up a lie to Sonny about Jax, and do all she can to keep these two apart. Jax should get better this week, and she’ll ensure he heads back to Port Charles before he sees anything else.

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4. A Kiss … Maybe More

GH spoilers imply that Nina will catch “Mike” off guard this week. Sounds like these two could share a kiss, or maybe even more. There’s an attraction on both ends, and Reeves might also do something of this nature to distract Sonny. If “Mike” is curious about Jax, she could plant a kiss on him to keep him from asking any more questions. This would work like a charm. But will a simple kiss lead to more?

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3. Nina Makes A Major Decision

GH spoilers for the week of May 3rd reveal that Nina will make a major life decision. If she and “Mike” hit the sheets, she may feel as if a permanent move to Nixon Falls is in the cards. The other side of the coin could be that she decides to tell Carly the truth. She may realize that she’s keeping Sonny from his young daughters and another family. Nina still hurts about the time lost with Nelle. She could feel it’s time to bring Sonny back to Port Charles; however, will she go through with it?

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2. Carly and Ava Make A Deal

Nikolas and Ava won’t be on the same page this week and as the days go by, Ava will approach Carly with an offer. Could she tell her where Cyrus’s mother is in exchange for protection? Ava doesn’t agree with what Nik has done, but she understands his motivation. She may feel the need to take control of this situation and handle things “her” way.

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1. Cyrus Is Upset

GH spoilers for the week of May 3rd indicate that Cyrus’s temper will flare. There’s been one thing to send Renault over the edge and that’s not knowing where his mother is. If Carly, with Ava’s help, can rip the rug from underneath him, he’ll lose his mind. Could Carly regain her upper hand?

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